Guide to Affiliate Niche Website Making More Than $1,000 Per Month in USA (with 3 examples)

Many entrepreneurs dream of starting an affiliate niche website that earns them at least $1,000 or more monthly in the USA.

$1,000 won’t make you wealthy by any means, but it will help you pay the bills and allow you to grow your business even further. This guide will explore how you can generate over $1,000 per month with your affiliate niche website in the United States of America.

How Does an Affiliate Niche Website Work?

Suppose your affiliate niche website generates 3,000 traffic per month – organically – from search engines and social media.

These readers visit your website for research purposes and may have the intent to perform a commercial transaction.

If even 100 of these readers decide to buy a product valued at $500 through an affiliate link, you will earn $1,000 per month (if the commission rate is 2% per sale).

Advertisers are more than happy to pay a premium to redirect some of these users to their products and services.

That’s where affiliate marketing comes in.

Although your niche website provides informative content, it also provides suggestive links where interested readers can buy recommended products and services.

In return, you get a share of the proceedings.

Advertisers may use several business models to compensate you for placing their link to your affiliate site. They may pay you for placing cookies on your site for a certain duration.

Or they may pay you for simply placing a link – with no pressure on generating commercial activity from said link.

The problem with most affiliate niche websites these days is that they have become mindless cash grabs. In other words, no research is put into product placements and the content appears as disingenuous.

The modern-day online user is well-trained to detect obvious efforts to siphon money out of them and don’t take kindly to such websites.

This is why you should only place affiliate links that further the conversation or genuinely help the reader.

Your content can discuss several aspects, including:

  • The product
  • Why the reader might need the product
  • Alternatives to the product
  • Pros and cons of the product

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The Earning Potential of an Affiliate Niche Website in California

The exact earning potential of your affiliate site in California depends on various factors:

  • The popularity of the niche
  • The overall SERP results of your website
  • The resources you pour into your website to grow it
  • The audience demographic

As long as you can choose a niche with high-value products, develop your website with the right SEO foundations, and put effort into the content you produce, you should be relatively successful.

If you do everything right, you should be able to hit the $1,000 per month park within one year. You might hit this milestone a few months early, or a few months late.

Here’s a secret to succeeding in your efforts to grow your affiliate niche website: enjoy the process.

If you enjoy your work and don’t constantly stress over the results, success will come more naturally to you.

You can also flip your niche site for a decent chunk of change. The standard rate is 32 times the site’s one-month income.

If your affiliate niche website makes $1,000 per month, you could flip the site for about $30,000.

So what are the exact steps you have to take?

How to Build a Profitable Affiliate Niche Site

Making $1,000 per month from an affiliate requires time and investment. It will not happen overnight, and you will have to sacrifice your free time to focus on growing the website.

Whether you choose to work on your niche site full-time by leaving your day job or grind it out when you’re free from work, you will need to follow these steps:

  • Choosing the right niche
  • Finding the right keywords
  • Building the website
  • Writing content
  • Finding affiliate products
  • Consistency
How to Make Over $1000 per Month with an Affiliate Niche Website
How to Make Over $1000 per Month with an Affiliate Niche Website

Choosing the Right Niche

Half the battle is choosing the right niche. The trick is to find a niche that you enjoy. Remember, just because a niche has high-ticket items doesn’t mean you should choose it.

It won’t be long before you get burned out and give up on your dreams of making an affiliate niche website.

This is why we can’t stress the importance of choosing a niche that you are passionate about. If you love woodworking, create a website that provides woodworking tips and tricks for beginners.

And if you like video games, you can provide detailed walkthroughs on beating a particular boss or level within a certain timeframe.

Perhaps you are passionate about gardening. You can provide in-depth articles on how to look after different houseplants, what to do with a pest infestation, and how to propagate plants.

Regardless of the niche you select, you will have to provide expert advice that readers don’t already know.

The majority of your readers will already know the basic stuff. It’s the complex, under-the-surface information that they’re after. That’s where your affiliate niche website in California comes in.

Don’t know how to write excellent content? Don’t fret. You can hire skilled copywriters to do the heavy lifting for you. But it will cost you, and unless you have a big budget to spend on copywriters, you’re probably better off generating the content yourself.

Finding the Right Keywords

This is where the rubber meets the road: you will need to target long-tail keywords relevant to your niche.

It doesn’t matter if the keywords have a low search volume. Most keywords with a commercial intent usually have a low search volume.

When looking up keywords for your affiliate niche website, you’re primarily looking to generate content around product reviews and comparisons.

Suppose you’re a fitness blogger. Your target keyword is ‘whey protein’. Here’s what your content strategy should look like:

  • “Best whey protein for skinny guys who are just starting out”
  • “Whey protein: how much is too much?”
  • “”Gold Standard Whey Protein: In-depth review in 2022”
  • “Pros and Cons of Whey Protein”
  • “Busting X Myths Surrounding Whey Protein”

These are all potential topics that will help you capture the keyword ‘whey protein’. You can plug in products to earn an income from affiliate commissions.

Make sure you have thoroughly researched the product before posting a link to it. The best products are ones that you’ve personally tried.

Here’s how you can find the best keywords:

  • Visit SEMrush (or any other keyword tool)
  • Enter a keyword related to your niche
  • Scroll down to see keyword variations
  • Identify long-tail keywords (usually low volume with low keyword difficulty)

The best keywords for affiliate niche websites can be found under “Questions”. For whey protein, we found the following questions that can be used to fine-tune our content strategy:

  • What is whey protein (very high keyword difficulty and not suitable for new websites
  • Does whey protein cause acne (low keyword difficulty with low volume, perfect for new websites)
  • Is whey protein bad for you (relatively high keyword difficulty)
  • What is whey protein made of (very high keyword difficulty)

The free plan gives you access to a very small number of keywords. You will have to subscribe to the paid plan for a full list of keywords.

Pro tip: Find long-tail keywords with a low keyword difficulty (preferably under 40%). This will help you rank for these keywords more quickly because fewer websites compete for them.

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Building the Affiliate Niche Website

Now it’s time to build your site. Start by registering a domain name from a registrar (GoDaddy, NameCheap, or any other brand). Find what’s cheaper for you.

For building the site, we recommend using WordPress. You can use Shopify and Squarespace, but these platforms don’t give you complete control over your content.

WordPress gives you more freedom and lets you endlessly customize your affiliate niche website in California. The best part is that WordPress is entirely free to use.

However, the default WordPress installation looks rather primitive. This is why you should look for a good theme and a plugin like Elementor to build your website.

This will let you create a highly functional and aesthetic website with the help of a drag-and-drop builder.

You can take inspiration from other competitors in the business for clues on how to build web pages. Just don’t blatantly copy and paste their design!

The visual interface of your website plays a crucial role in SEO. Ensure your website is easy to use, clutter-free, and aesthetically pleasing.

It is highly recommended to conduct third-party user testing to help you identify friction points in web design.

Generate Content

Now that you have set up your affiliate niche website, it’s time to populate it with content. Content creation requires a lot of time, effort, and research.

For your first few blogs, we recommend targeting a word count of about 3,000 to 4,000 words. This may seem excessive until you look at Google search results.

Google and Bing seem to reward web pages that have over 3,000 words. You can try this experiment yourself.

Some blogs are even more lengthy, with over 8,000 words of content. Search engines reward long for content because they provide readers with all the information in a single place.

This way, users won’t have to visit countless websites to conduct research.

Don’t have time to write content? You can outsource it to skilled copywriters. Many smart entrepreneurs build their affiliate niche websites by outsourcing the content to other writers.

If you don’t have a budget, you must manage the content yourself. At least for the first few months until you generate an income that makes it affordable to delegate copywriting

Finding Affiliate Products

There are thousands of businesses that have a hard time selling their products. They often have well-developed affiliate programs to streamline the sales funnel.

Amazon is the best place to start with affiliate marketing. But you can also target other networks like Pepperjam, AvantLink, LinkConnector, Impact, and CJ Affiliate.

Visit their websites and set up your affiliate account and start viewing their available programs. Each network has its own pros and cons, but they all let you search through their products.

You can also check a company’s website for affiliate programs. Razer, a consumer electronics giant, provides an extensive affiliate program to influencers and marketers.


Affiliate marketing is a long game – and you’ll have to be consistent for years to generate an income.

Consistency also plays a key role in building trust and a positive reputation in the industry. To be known for something in the industry, you must do it enough times to get noticed.

Have you ever seen a successful entrepreneur who hasn’t perfected the art of consistency?

Affiliate Niche Website Making More Than $1,000 Per Month
Affiliate Niche Website Making More Than $1,000 Per Month

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Examples of Affiliate Niche Websites Making Over $1,000 in USA

The following websites will give you a good dose of inspiration to help you get started. They all have two things in common: humble origins and consistency.

Your Dream Coffee

The global coffee market is a whopping $433 billion. And what if you become the go-to source for all things coffee? Profit.

Your Dream Coffee has steadily acquired powerful keywords like ‘macchiato’ and ‘cappuccino vs latte’. The blog has no intrusive ads. Product placements are based on informed reviews.

Readers can find content for hot coffee, iced coffee, coffee beans, coffee basics, and more.


NerdWallet is arguably the best website in the finance niche with thousands of articles covering everything you want to know about.

You will find advice on increasing your savings, diversifying your portfolio, making mortgage payments, and more.

Their main source of income is product recommendations. NerdWallet also monetizes its website through affiliate programs and product promotions.

Investor Junkie

Unlike NerdWallet, Investor Junkie focuses on a very specific niche within the finance industry: investment.

Founder Larry created the website to provide readers with unbiased content for beginners on investment.

The website was eventually sold for $6 million. Before it was sold, the website earned its income through affiliate marketing.

Wrapping Up

So there you have it – a detailed look at how you can build an affiliate niche website that makes over $1,000 per month in the USA. Remember, as long as you can choose a niche you enjoy, the journey to the $1,000 per month milestone will come easily.

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