Amazon Affiliate Websites Examples [9 Successful Sites]

An Amazon affiliate website is a website that earns commissions by promoting and selling products from Amazon. This is done through special tracking links, which direct customers to the product on Amazon and track any purchases made for commission purposes. Many websites use this strategy as a source of income, often reviewing or recommending certain products to their audience.

The concept is that you send clients to Amazon, where you get paid a commission if they purchase the item. It is important to note that as an affiliate, you are not responsible for the customer experience or handling any orders and shipping.

This responsibility falls on Amazon. However, it is still crucial to provide value to your audience and only promote products that align with the values and interests of your website.

Overall, being an Amazon affiliate can be a successful way to monetize a website and drive sales for Amazon. It is important to research and understand the rules and guidelines set by Amazon before getting started in this endeavor.

Type of Content

These amazon affiliate websites post reviews about products which they are affiliated with and often include links to those products on Amazon. They also provide recommendations and suggestions for different products that their audience may be interested in.

Some websites may also have a blog or other content related to the products they promote, as well as special deals and discounts for their audiences.

These websites also provide buying guides for certain products, comparison charts, and other helpful information for customers’ purchasing decisions.

The Sales Mediator

In a sense, amazon affiliate sites act as middlemen between the consumer and Amazon by providing information about various products and directing them to purchase through their affiliate links. This can ultimately lead to increased sales for both parties involved.

Disclosure of Affiliation

It is important to note that an amazon affiliate website should always disclose its affiliation with the company and clearly state any commissions or incentives it may receive for promoting certain products. This transparency helps maintain trust with their audience and comply with advertising regulations.

Overall, an amazon affiliate website can be a valuable resource for consumers looking for product recommendations and the website owner looking to earn commissions through their promotions.

It is important to carefully select and promote products that align with the values and interests of the website in order to provide value to the audience and maintain trust.

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Cracking the Success Code

Ever wonder how the most prosperous affiliate websites vary from the competition? Even though you spend hours researching keywords, handpick products your audience will adore, and optimize your site speed for lightning-fast loading, you’re still not earning as much money as you believe you could.

You either receive a handful of pennies from Amazon affiliate sales or scratch your head wondering why none of the other programs seem to work for you.

Could it be the advertiser’s website that’s lacking, conversion-wise? Is it because the product itself doesn’t convert well? Or is there something wrong with your methods?

To make more money from affiliate marketing, study what others are doing and adapt their methods to your context and niche. The key is understanding what works for them so that you can duplicate their success.

Top Nine Profitable Amazon Affiliate Websites Examples

1. ThisIsWhyIAMBroke

This Amazon Affiliate Website because it’s super cool! The team behind the website scours Amazon and the web for the coolest gadgets, gifts, tech, and oddities to showcase on their site.

This site introduces you to the internet’s coolest, sometimes hidden, things. To purchase it from the Amazon store, all you have to do is click on one of the Amazon Affiliate links.

ThisIsWhyIAmBroke has partnered with more than just Amazon, but it’s one of their most popular revenue sources. They have over 2.40M Visitors per month and revenue of $20,000/per month.


 As a website for reviews of different consumer goods, this one first appeared in 2000. started in 2000 as a review website for various consumer products. They now have over 1 million visitors monthly and partner with Amazon Associates to earn revenue from the traffic they generate.

They provide reviews and buying guides for various products within different categories, such as appliances, babies, beauty, electronics, and more.

The site has traffic of more than 1 million visitors per month, and bought it for 33 million dollars.


This Amazon Affiliate website looks like an online store, making it great for selling products. The primary distinction between GiftIdeaGeek and other websites of a similar nature is that it concentrates on geeky and pop culture-related products that cater to that market.

This website employs clever parody to get visitors to “click-through” on innovative products, and GiftIdeaGeek benefits from the affiliate commission if they make a purchase. They employ a blogroll section in addition to the homepage to improve SEO and expand their affiliate prospects.

4. Own The Yard

With a monthly traffic of 55,700. The website generates revenue through Amazon affiliate site product links and display ads. Although, it should be noted that some ads are misaligned and obstruct the header image on the home page.

Own the Yard’s design is elegant in its simplicity- there are no color accents or bells and whistles, just a basic but effective minimalist approach. 112K keywords ranking in the top 100 for outdoor activities and accessories, including but not limited to soccer shoes, yard games, and backyard design.

Content ranges from product reviews to outdoor activities and recommendations for hosting outdoor events. This website is a great example of how incorporating diverse content can help drive traffic and increase conversions, making it a successful affiliate site in the outdoor niche.

Own The Yard also does an excellent job of interlinking related posts, driving readers deeper into their website and giving them more opportunities to click on affiliate links. Overall, this website offers valuable information and potential revenue options for its readers.

This website earns approximately $5000 per month from Amazon as they continue to expand their content and fine-tune their strategies. Own The Yard’s earnings are expected to only increase in the future.

5. Best Roof Box

In June 2021, the website was sold for $70,000. Overall, the site’s look is “tidy” and honest but might require some improvements in terms of user experience and design. A pretty average theme called Base WP is currently being used, but it does seem to load well on mobile devices.

The current logo design is tall and vertical, which occupies more space than necessary. A horizontal logo would be a better option.

However, the existing product tables aren’t mobile-friendly because they’re tall and complicated instead of sleek and sales-oriented. Don’t miss out on potential revenue by neglecting to create user-friendly tables.

Best Roof Box’s content focuses on product reviews and comparison guides for car roof boxes. A car roof box is a niche item, but the website still manages to generate over $2,000 per month from Amazon (source).

By continuing to focus on updating its affiliate links, optimizing its design, and expanding its content, Best Roof Box can continue to increase its monthly earnings, even in a small niche.

Overall, Best Roof Box is a successful example of a niche affiliate website that focuses on a specific product category and drives conversions through thorough research and comparison guides. Despite some design flaws, the website effectively utilizes affiliate links and earns consistent revenue.

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6. Roasty Coffee

Roasty Coffee is a successful example of an affiliate website in the food and drinks niche. The website’s design is clean and modern, with a bold red accent color and clear navigation buttons. Roasty Coffee also does a great job of incorporating engaging visuals, with high-quality product photos and graphics for recipes.

The website earns revenue through affiliate links for coffee makers and grinders, as well as display ads from AdThrive. Roasty Coffee also sells e-books and merchandise, diversifying its income streams even further.

Matt Giovinsci began this site. The traffic is thought to be around 312,000 each month. Roast Coffee gains revenue not just from Amazon affiliate commissions but from MediaVine display ads as well, in both informational and buyer posts.

Roasty Coffee ranks in the top 100 for a fantastic 149K keywords, which is especially impressive given its moderate size. In fact, it’s several times smaller than some other sites listed here with a similar keyword ranking.

In terms of content, Roasty Coffee offers a wide range of informative articles related to coffee, including brewing guides, product reviews, recipes, and industry news. They also have an active presence on social media platforms, further promoting their website and potential revenue sources.

Overall, Roasty Coffee offers valuable content for coffee lovers while also effectively utilizing affiliate links and other income streams to earn steady revenue. By continuing to expand its content and engage with its audience, Roasty Coffee has the potential to increase its earnings even more in the future.

7. Car Seat Answers

Car Seat Answers is a website in the niche of car seats and child safety. The website has a clean and modern design, with well-organized menu tabs and easy navigation. Colorful graphics and product photos add visual interest to the site’s content.

The main source of revenue for Car Seat Answers comes from Amazon affiliate links, specifically for car seat products. They also participate in sponsored posts and accept donations through PayPal. Car Seat Answers was founded in 2013. By early 2016, traffic had increased to an estimated 20,000+ per month.

By the end of 2021, there was a noticeable increase in website traffic. Even though the size of the site (45 indexed pages) hasn’t changed in years, it’s still shocking; the site seems to be generating money without any new effort.

Car Seat Answers offers a range of content, including car seat reviews, buying guides, and articles on child safety topics. The website also has a helpful FAQ section and provides personalized consultations for parents in need of car seat guidance.

Overall, Car Seat Answers is a successful example of an affiliate website in the niche of parenting and child safety. By continuing to provide valuable information and utilizing effective income sources, Car Seat Answers has the potential to increase its revenue even further in the future.

Amazon Affiliate Websites Examples
Amazon Affiliate Websites Examples

8. Pick My Shaver

Pick My Shaver is a website in the niche of electric shavers and grooming products for men. The website’s design is modern and visually appealing, with high-quality product photos and graphics throughout the site.

The website also offers personalized consultations for those in need of shaving advice or product recommendations. In terms of content, Pick My Shaver offers comprehensive product reviews, buying guides, and articles on various grooming topics, such as beard care and skincare.

The website also has an active presence on social media platforms, further promoting its content and potential revenue sources.

Pick My Shaver’s main source of income is through Amazon affiliate links for electric shavers and other grooming products. The website also earns revenue from display ads and sponsored posts. Pick My Shaver was founded in 2013 and has seen steady growth in traffic and revenue over the years.

9. Story Hippo

This website, established by John Ramey and John Adam, previous advisors at the Obama White House, is known for suggesting brand and gift items to choose from for various occasions. Story Hippo offers well-written, creative articles advising on gifts for everyone from new mothers to your favorite co-worker.

The website’s design is modern and visually appealing, with colorful graphics and product photos throughout the site. Story Hippo earns its revenue primarily through affiliate links for products featured in its articles, as well as sponsored posts and display ads. The website was founded in 2014.


These websites are successful examples of affiliate marketing in various niche markets. The amazon affiliate niche is saturated, but there is still potential to grow within the giants.

Most people develop a site, incorporate these time-tested strategies, and once their site performs well, they flip the site.

But the key is to create valuable content and utilize effective income sources to continue growing their revenue. As aspiring or current affiliate marketers, we can learn from their strategies and techniques to improve our own websites and income streams.

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