Blogging or YouTube – Which is better to make money?

Blogging or YouTube? Which one to start? Keep reading to find out blog or youtube which is better to make money.

Have you been looking at those bloggers, influencers, and YouTubers who have had tremendous success over the last couple of years, cruising around in their dream cars and living a luxurious life? Do you hope to achieve similar success using the internet? If yes, you are not the only one.

Aspiring internet moneymakers often struggle to distinguish between the two most popular means of generating cash – starting a blog or creating a YouTube channel. These two services are extremely well-liked and are guaranteed to succeed in the long run.

Why Do People Opt for Digital Income?

Most people enjoy having a substantial sum of money and regular employment income. Many countries still have a job-driven education system, and graduates often rush into the workforce without fully developing the skills they need to succeed in their chosen fields.

There has been a shift in recent years, with more people looking for ways to supplement their income beyond traditional employment.

They are honing their skills, learning to take the initiative, and relying on their capabilities rather than focusing on a company’s goals. Therefore, they either pursue a blogging website or create a monetized account on YouTube.

Blogging existed long before YouTube, but the site’s introduction has brought about significant shifts.

YouTube – A Money-Making Machine

YouTube’s popularity has increased dramatically in the last few years. What was once just a location to catch up on celebrity interviews and music videos is now a hub for keeping up with vloggers, seeing viral videos, and even researching.

The fact that people use it so frequently to find “how-to” videos speaks to YouTube’s popularity.

So, what do all these tendencies signify?

  • There will always be room on YouTube for genuine, personal films on health and fitness, lifestyle, and fashion. Creating a channel in one of these fields that caters to people’s desire for interpersonal interaction and a sense of belonging is likely to generate a lot of interest and business.
  • Partnerships with brands in exchange for product evaluations or unboxing videos remain lucrative opportunities.
  • Live broadcasting is another promising YouTube business model. Think about a field with various live streaming possibilities, such as question-and-answer sessions, presentations, reviews, or day-in-the-life accounts.

YouTube Essentials – What You Must Know

  • If you want to succeed on YouTube, you don’t have to be a great writer, but you do need to be good in front of the camera.
  • Learning the fundamentals of video editing is also necessary if you plan on doing your editing. Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X, or Filmora are the programs you can use.
  • Aside from the visual quality, the audio quality is what matters. When recording video, use a combination of the Rode VideoMic Pro Plus and a Blue Yeti microphone.
  • Your videos must be optimized for search engines like YouTube and Google. Researching relevant keywords, using them in your tags, writing scripts for your videos, and making the most of your thumbnail can help.
blog or youtube to make money
blog or youtube to make money

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Blogging – An Obsolete Platform?

Blogging has progressed with YouTube. It is one of the most effective ways to make money online. It can be done for fun or as a means of earning money. You can get started using the WordPress platform with Blogger’s website. It’s uncomplicated and cost-free.

Though it could take some time to acquire a following for your site, once you do, you can make money on autopilot using programs like Google Adsense and affiliate marketing.

What began as diaries written for your eyes only have developed into actual companies that can support living expenses.

  • Blogging is still a lucrative profession. Select a blogging focus that allows you to teach something new to your readers.
  • You might also think about starting a blog where you talk about the latest research or developments in your industry.
  • Blogs about food, education, architecture/interior design, discounts, and product reviews are well-received among the audience.
  • You can turn your blog into a lucrative business by forming partnerships with affiliate programs and businesses.

Blogging Essentials: What You Must Know

  • To be a successful blogger, you must educate yourself on search engine optimization (SEO), copywriting, design, and outreach.
  • Novice bloggers typically lack such background information. With no real plan, they simply begin writing and publishing, hoping that readers will eventually come across their blog.
  • You’ll need to study search intent to understand why consumers use Google in the first place.
  • You can begin publishing and promoting your work if you know how to distinguish between different types of blog post plans, like instructions and evaluations of available products, and example lists and analyses.
  • If you want people to stick around on your website and read your blog entries, you must educate yourself on copywriting.
  • The typical reader will give up if a page doesn’t grab them within the first 8 seconds; therefore, you must hook them with your blog post’s title, meta description, and opening phrase.
  • Improve your writing with the help of
  • If you plan on managing your self-hosted blog, you should familiarize yourself with using a WordPress hosting service like WPX.
blog or youtube which is better
blog or youtube which is better

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YouTube vs. Blogging

Now that we have highlighted both platforms, let’s see the best possible choice for you.


Which of these markets presents less competition for your niche?

The SEO industry is flooded with subpar videos; however, there aren’t as many articles targeting specific long-tail keywords. Therefore, you must be shifting your content marketing strategy to place a greater emphasis on articles.

Doing some simple keyword research might help you find terms with low levels of competition in your niche.

Remember that specific niches benefit more from video content because of the aesthetics. On the other hand, there are times when a visual representation isn’t necessary. Text can convey the intended meaning just as well, if not better.


What is the best platform for your monetization strategy?

You might enjoy blogging because it allows you to change the text anytime. You may conclude that a specific piece of material presents a perfect chance to advertise a new affiliate offer you’ve uncovered.

If this information were presented as articles, internal linking inside the text would be a simple matter of editing. On the other hand, if this information were a video, updating it to include the new affiliate offer would be extremely difficult, if not impossible.

Self-hosted blogs also allow you to pick and choose which ad networks to partner with to monetize your traffic. You can’t avoid Google Adsense on YouTube.

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Content for Other Platforms

If you upload a video to YouTube, the site may choose to promote it in its way. Also, having all of your subscribers on your channel is not a good idea, rather than on more manageable assets like an email list.

The modifications Facebook made to organic reach in 2015 and 2018 are prime examples. Before Facebook’s algorithmic shift in 2015, it was pretty easy to reach a sizable chunk of your audience just by publishing to your page.

Since the algorithm change, it has been far more difficult to attract your audience without resorting to paid promotion.

On the contrary, achieving a high search engine ranking should be simpler because of the domain’s strong authority. People are more likely to put their faith in well-established sites than obscure ones.

Website Management

While knowledge of SEO techniques like keyword analysis and on-page optimization is helpful for blogging and video uploading, knowing how to run a website takes a bit savvier.

If you’re not great at technical SEO, publishing most of your material on Medium or YouTube may be simpler.

While outsourcing YouTube videos is conceivable, article writing is typically simpler and more cost-effective. Inexpensive writers and editors can be found on freelancing platforms that can do the task for you.

Video recordings of yourself addressing your target audience will likely appear more friendly and approachable.

Tools and Post-Production

Professional equipment is not essential when making videos on YouTube, but it can be helpful. On the other hand, while articles don’t require prior knowledge, editing and post-production work typically do.

Personal Inclination

You can improve in areas where you are weak; however, it is always simpler to focus on those in which you currently excel.

Blogging is a good choice if you’re a decent writer. However, if you thrive in the spotlight, your best choice will be to upload videos on YouTube.

Initially, try out blogging and YouTube to evaluate which feels more natural and which generates better results. Make at least 10 articles and 10 videos before making any conclusions on which is more successful.

Target Audience

It would help if you thought about where your target audience spends their time online to decide between blogging and YouTube. Instagram and YouTube are likely to be well-liked by your target demographic if you operate in the fashion field.

However, Instagram is not the best place to be if you work in search engine optimization. Google, YouTube, and Facebook are where most SEOs first go for new material.

The conventional wisdom about which platform to use is not set in stone. You might consider publishing your material on a less popular website to stand out from the crowd and get a larger audience.


Ads on Google Search may be more expensive than ads on other sites; however, YouTube ads are currently underpriced. This facilitates their use in expanding your YouTube presence.

 However, if you rely on YouTube as your primary advertising outlet, you may run into issues with other options. With Facebook retargeting advertising, you cannot target those who have visited your YouTube channel.

Traffic Generation

Blogging can be slower than YouTube in terms of overall speed; however, it can still generate traffic quickly, provided the domain’s authority is strong.

If there is little competition for your keywords and your video satisfies YouTube’s algorithm, you should instantly see rankings.


While clickbait is not essential for blogging or YouTube, it is more regularly used on the latter. Paying attention to detail when crafting titles and thumbnails can increase click-through rates and search engine rankings.

In case you’re interested in Youtube, here’s a comprehensive list of related topics:

  1. Reaching your target audience is a breeze.
  2. Many popular YouTube channels have only a handful of videos.
  3. When your focus is on outdoors-related topics, you need to put in half as much effort as you would for a review of an artificial establishment.
  4. While extensive writing skills and SEO are necessities for successful blogging, anyone can make a video and upload it to YouTube.
  5. You can become a YouTube sensation and cash off with a few humorous videos.

In case you’re interested in blogging, here’s a comprehensive list of related topics:

  1. The best way to make money blogging is by using affiliate links.
  2. Put it to work for your company’s content marketing efforts.
  3. It would help if you prioritized building your email list over everything else.
starting a blog or youtube channel
starting a blog or youtube channel

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An Overview of the YouTube Community

The majority of content on YouTube is visual, while the majority of content on blogs is textual. Therefore, the most popular content varies among platforms.

Nonetheless, consumers can find helpful people and information on both sites. Any topic you can think of may be found on YouTube. It is an excellent resource if you are looking for instructional videos, product reviews, or entertainment.

YouTubers are often supportive and kind, leaving comments and likes to demonstrate their appreciation for content makers. Moreover, YouTube is an excellent tool for expanding your horizons.

You may locate a video on practically any topic, so your needs will likely be met.

An Overview of the Blogging Community

To a certain extent, blogging differs from video-sharing platforms like YouTube. It relies primarily on written content. Yet this in no way implies that blogs lack interest or excitement.

Many bloggers spend considerable time and energy making their writings engaging and entertaining. There is a tremendous amount of warmth and helpfulness among bloggers. Writers back each other up and report on algorithm changes.

Blogging or YouTube – Can you start both?

Which is better to make money online? Starting a blog or youtube channel?

Google is promoting both YouTube content and text content on its search results page. This means, if you are searching for a topic, you might get a youtube video on the search result page also.

So if you have the option to create both things, then I will highly recommend you to do so.

You can start a blog, and write helpful content for your users, at the same time, you can also make videos for those articles or blog posts.

Create a YouTube channel, upload those videos and then you can embed those videos into your blog posts. This will be the idea to make money from both the blogging platforms as well as from the YouTube videos also.

Whether it is YouTube or blogging, the target audience should always be the United States of America. Check out our Niche site case study where we have targeted the United States.

Final Words

Getting paid to create content for YouTube or write blog posts is an enticing prospect. Both options are highly sought after, have proven revenue returns, provide leeway, and can be launched quickly. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide which medium is better for you.

Whether you blog or vlog, the success of your internet business will ultimately depend on how effectively you plan it. Remember, consistency is key!

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