How to Choose a Domain Name for A Niche Website? [Best Guidelines]

Wondering how to choose a domain name for a niche website? Well, if you are starting a new blog, website, store, or any other online platform based on a niche, you have to keep a few critical factors in mind.

The domain dramatically impacts how much traffic you will receive and your SEO. But most importantly, it greatly influences your overall branding and the ability of your readers to recognize you immediately.

Read on to find out how to choose a domain name for a niche website.

Using Keywords in Your Domain

SEO experts now recommend not stuffing your domain with too many keywords. It doesn’t boost the website’s SEO since Google’s algorithm has evolved. It also considers your website’s content and design when ranking web pages on the search results.

Hence, when choosing the domain name, you must focus on making it memorable and brandable.

Ideally, the domain name should hint at what the website is about and is easy to remember.

If you want to add a keyword to the niche website, adding one- or two-word keywords can work.

For example, if you are starting a website about camping, you can use or Or, if you want to start a blog about chef knives, you might go with

Ensure the keyword isn’t too long since long domains don’t always work well. So, would be too long. Experts want to tell you that it is alright not to have any keywords in the domain. Staying memorable is more important to your niche website.

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Keeping It Short

Speaking of long domains, shorter URLs work better. It can help your overall SEO and consumer experience to have a shorter URL. It can be hard to find a domain name for niche websites with just one word since they are all probably taken. But keeping the domain concise is possible.

The general rule you can stick to is to try and keep the name under 13 characters. While this rule is arbitrary, it can be an excellent approach to try and stick to it for your domain.

Choose a Domain Name for A Niche Website
Choose a Domain Name for A Niche Website

Don’t Use Numbers

People might find it challenging to locate your website since they may not know whether they should type the digit or the word itself.

Some websites break this rule, which might not be a big deal for them. If you have a fantastic domain that includes a number, then we don’t want to tell you not to go ahead.

However, we recommend taking some steps to ensure that it won’t impact your traffic or user experience. You should also buy and hold the domain name without the number too. It can stop other people from squatting on this domain and stealing your traffic.

Don’t Use Hyphens

If your primary choice is taken, you might be tempted to add a hyphen. However, hyphens have the same problem as numbers.

You don’t want to spend time explaining how and where to use the hyphen on the website domain as a website owner. You might lose traffic if people put the hyphen in the wrong place. The users might even forget to add the hyphen and visit another website.

It might be challenging to understand and confusing for the users to enter your website if you use numbers and hyphens.

Think Long-Term

Do you feel ready to confirm your domain? It would help if you were, as it will be among the most critical factors in defining your company and brand for ages.

You will lose branding, SEO rankings, and money if you decide to alter the domain later. It’s a major hassle! Consider the long-term while selecting the domain name.

You may choose a web domain like “” if, for instance, your blog is about helping people how to take care of their plants.

It can be a good idea to review the domain name if you believe there is a potential that you will eventually provide more broad topics such as types of plants, products to sell for plants, and more. 

If you believe you may branch out from a specific specialty, you don’t want to lock yourself into it.

Therefore, keep your long-term goals in mind while choosing your domain name.

For instance, if you’re in the dessert niche, use the term dessert in your domain rather than brownies or cake. Through this, you will have lots of space to expand into new sections as your website grows.

Another thing you might want to remember is the location. If you are choosing a domain name for a niche, restricting yourself to a location might not be fruitful unless you are absolutely sure.

For example, a website dedicated to California wildfires would be fine if it included California since that is a particular niche. However, if you want to expand the website to other wildfires worldwide, you will be restricted later.

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Do Not Use a Trademark or Brand Name

If you do, you’ll get into trouble. Since your website won’t get any visitors initially, it won’t matter. However, as soon as your website draws visitors, you’ll get an email telling you to cease using the domain.

Legal requirements often prevent you from using a 301 redirect, which means losing any links you’ve worked hard to get. That is awful!

It makes no difference whether you can provide instances of individuals doing this. That happens seldom. Most of the time, individuals protect their trademarked names by hiring attorneys to do so.

Avoid Overanalyzing It

Increasingly, domain names are being taken as time goes on. Some individuals even purchase domain names with the sole intention of later selling them for a premium price. 

Don’t worry if you can’t think of the perfect name. Choose a word that sounds similar, shares the same meaning, and is readily accessible.

Checking The Ownership History of a Domain Name

Additionally, you want to confirm that the domain name you are purchasing is “clean.” Unbeknownst to you, a previous owner of your domain name may have allowed it to expire ten years ago.

If they utilized the name in a spammy manner ten years ago, or if hundreds of spammy links (concerning drugs, adult-themed websites, gambling, etc.) lead to the domain.

When you purchase it, many of those links continue to direct to those links.

If the domain has such a poor history, it could be tough to rank in Google.

Searching on, the Wayback Machine is one approach to looking up the domain history. Website screenshots have been taken using this fantastic tool since the beginning of the internet. The Wayback Machine or a substitute will contain a history of the domain if it ever existed.

So, if anything does appear… Not to worry! You could still be in great shape. Click on a few screenshots to make sure the website wasn’t acting up.

You should review the link history if you notice a record and are worried it could include previous spammy links.

how to choose a domain name for a niche website
How to choose a domain name for a niche website

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Avoid Mistaken Spellings

Helping visitors return to your website is also tied to this. With a specialty website like the one we’re constructing, don’t attempt to be charming by misspelling things to be different. This is puzzling, but it won’t have any impact on SEO.

An example may be misspelling it, such as instead of, if you work in the camping specialty.

When you’re stuck, use domain name generators.

You should now, at the very least, have a broad notion of some feasible terms to include in the domain. A few of these terms could already be used, be protected by trademarks, or lack the desired “sound.”

Domain name generators may be helpful in this situation. These generators may transform your concepts into brand-new, free domain names.

Some of the favorite domain name generators of many users are listed below for you to use:

  1. Wordoid:  You may enter a word into this tool, and it will generate ideas that contain, start with, or finish with that word.
  2. Lean Domain Search:  The tool creates a list of accessible domains by comparing your search to other keywords.
  3. DomainHole: With the help of this program, you may identify expired domains, search for keywords, come up with new names, and more.

Keep in Mind That You Can Change It

There is no issue if you choose a domain name and then decide you don’t like it. The choice is reversible.

Yes, making a change may be painful, but you can deal with it.

Please don’t worry about picking a domain, and don’t spend much time thinking about it. You would be far better off starting your site and making changes.

Final Thoughts

Now you know how to choose a domain name for a niche website. Just have fun with it and think of the long-term instead of narrowing down your niche too much. Remember, you are trying to build a brand, not just launch a website.

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