How To Earn From YouTube Automation

YouTube currently ranks as the second most visited website in the US, with at least a billion hours utilized on YouTube every day. For a viewer, it may be a source of entertainment or learning something new. However, it’s the bread and butter for people putting up their videos.

So, how do these content creators earn money from the massive video-sharing platform? If this was a question asked in the past, most people would have no idea, but now everyone knows how to earn money from YouTube.

How Do People Earn Money From YouTube?

The traditional method is to make your channel on YouTube and then upload your content. The number of views and likes on a video determine the worth of the content, and YouTube then pays up the creator of it.

A way to ensure that every new video shared on the channel reaches the viewers there is an option for viewers. They can subscribe to the channel and turn on the notifications, so whenever someone posts new content, it shows up on their homepage.

Even though this new cycle of making a fortune has attracted the masses, most content creators struggle with keeping up a steady stream of posting content regularly. Just like writing a novel or a playscript, the content is also a form of art, and the creators face issues like a creative block in their minds.

Many find it hard to come up with something new every week to post because the inspiration and motivation start to diminish after working on YouTube for more than three years.

Since it’s the only source of income for people around the globe, there must be a solution to this obstacle. Here comes the role of the YouTube Automation Method.

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YouTube Automation Method

Before we dive into this method and its working, it is crucial to understand how viral videos work to generate money.

Previously, people could have put YouTube under the category of a social platform; however, it is not just that. YouTube has always been a form of business as well. Content creators earn money when their content goes viral on the site.

Now there are two ways in which a video goes viral, first is the click-through rate, which is how many people click on a particular video.

There are two things in this metric that are important and permanently increase the click-through rate. The first is the thumbnail, which acts as a clickbait for many viewers; the more eye-catchy it is, the more it will attract the users to itself.

The second thing which attracts users is the title of the video; the more targeted YouTube niches you use in it, the more chances people will open that video.

The next metric for the video is audience or viewer retention, which is how many people have viewed the video or if it is still trending. This depends on the content of the video and how well it is created.

The YouTube analytics generates an audience retention report that tells the creator which key moments had the most attention from the viewers. It helps them work on the weak spots and analyze the attention-grabbing areas. The best way to gain attention is by using the trending topics in the video.

The searched keywords that gained the most US views are Pewdiepie, ASMR, markiplier, music, and old town road. So, if any of these topics were in your videos, they must have gone viral.

There are many other ways, like collaborations and sponsorships, that also generate revenue for content makers. However, the easiest method to earn money is YouTube Automation.

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How To Earn From YouTube Automation

Creative blocks are common; however, content makers cannot abandon their channel due to this, especially if they earn revenue in six figures. So what to do now? To deal with this issue Caleb Boxx, a YouTuber who joined the platform as a creator in 2016, has a following of millions, introduced the YouTube Automation method.

YouTube Automation is a method in which a content creator uses outsourcing for the video. You might have seen many faceless videos going viral; these could be the ASMRs, cute cats and dogs videos, or relaxing tunes for meditation and sleep. So what is common in them? Well, none of them has the actual owner of the channel in it.

What is Outsourcing for YouTube?

Outsourcing video production means hiring a team of freelancers responsible for researching a theme to create a viral video, then creating the content and editing it. The only responsibility of the channel owner is to upload the content and manage the channel.

Sometimes, people who are busy with other things in their life and want to keep YouTube as a steady income even hire someone to manage the channel.

This is known as generating passive income and increasing employment, so there is a win-win situation for all the parties involved. People who are working get paid a certain share, while some of the money is spent on increasing viewership and getting quality ads.

Many creators are spending online marketing tools, which help them follow the newest trends and keywords that are gaining popularity.

Other Important Terms In YouTube Automation

Outsourcing is all legal, and it does not violate and terms and conditions of YouTube; however, there are some loose ends in this system as well. Using a nameless team to create content is acceptable, but using shady schemes increases viewership.

One of the banned strategies is Automating Engagement on YouTube. It creates a fake viewership and likes/dislikes using the bots as an audience. Since the audience is not real humans, this is considered an unethical and illegal practice to give a fake illusion of the popularity of a channel. People who participate in this kind of work get banned from YouTube.

The second term, famous under the banner of YouTube Automation, is automating the channel’s management. It is a task in which bots administer important activities like scrapping data from search engines and being responsible for content uploads and reports. So, if all this administrative work is at a human speed, then it is legally acceptable under the law of the US and YouTube’s Terms of Service.

Although to do automation management, the current legal terms of service have made it necessary to keep the YouTube administration in the loop. Without their permission, this activity is not permissible. However, there is no need to be worried because this only takes a little email correspondence, and people are always allowed to do it.

How To Earn From YouTube Automation
How To Earn From YouTube Automation

Why Is YouTube Automation Method Trending?

This method has a few benefits for everyone, as Caleb Boxx pointed out in an interview with Forbes. Talking about why people are attracted to this method even if they are not getting the credit for it, he explained why the millennials and Gen-Zs are interested in it. One of the reasons is that it lets them focus on their end of the job without worrying about other issues related to running a channel.

These generations want to work on smart strategies to make more money rather than spending countless hours on something.

Furthermore, starting a channel from scratch and competing with more prominent channels needs capital, skills, team, and equipment. If someone is good at acting, it doesn’t mean they are good at editing the video or writing a script; this requires a whole team.

Also, most people are not looking to become popular; some are just finding new employment opportunities where there is less competition and more learning. So, working for a channel that provides steady income and also the liberty to make content attracts this generation.

As for the talented YouTubers, that talent is not reaching the highest potential because they spend a lot of time doing everything alone.

According to Boxx, when content makers can legally reach out to talented people who can help them sort out issues, why be persistent and waste time and resources?

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What Are The Risks Of YouTube Automation

The only risk factor for any YouTuber is the copyrights issue; when working with a ghost team, the chances of copyrights arise if one is not vigilant enough to work on every draft for each video. The content makers who use outsourcing should always keep every single second of a video accounted for and make sure the channel owns it.


YouTube is a successful platform where you can turn your passion for creating content into a whole business. YouTube Automation provides a steady income, keeps the channel trending, and creates employment for freelancers. You can hire anyone from scriptwriters to video editors and directors.

So, to answer the budding question of how to earn from YouTube Automation, it generates passive income, which gives profit to both the owner and the workers. However, beware of the shady strategies that can ban you on YouTube and plummet the channel’s reputation.

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