How to Earn Money from YouTube Shorts?

The rising popularity of Instagram and TikTok has diverted the attention of many content creators that previously liked to create engaging content on YouTube. This driving of traffic towards other platforms can be attributed to their ease of access, attractive interface, and the feasibility they provide to create incredible short videos.

To get ahead of its competitors, YouTube introduced a “shorter side” along with its traditional video-making options, allowing content creators to share short and appealing videos using only their mobile phones. Unlike the much lengthier YouTube videos, YouTube Shorts do not bind them to use professional cameras and complex cinematographic techniques to create high-definition videos.

YouTube introduced “Shorts” in September 2020, shortly after Instagram introduced “reels” in 2019. While Instagram reels allow users to create exciting content using built-in filters and multiple layout options, YouTube Shorts are a more functional tool by the platform to create more engagement among users.

What Is the Point of YouTube Shorts?

YouTube Shorts are more likely to get hundreds and thousands more views than regular YouTube videos, and the most exciting part is that it earns revenue for the channel. A viewer is likelier to watch a short video than a longer one that contains several ads.

What Is the CPM for YouTube Shorts?

Traditionally, CPM is the total cost an advertiser pays for every 1000 views or impressions their ad gets on YouTube. Out of this ad money, YouTube gives the content creators 55% shares.

However, the CPM for YouTube Shorts is less than the original videos. A YouTube Short earning almost 700,000 views can only generate approximately $7. Not much? Obviously not.

Content creators already part of the YouTube Partner Program and have their channels monetized can earn an income from the Shorts on top of their usual revenue.

Two kinds of videos are considered “short” on YouTube. The first kind is videos created with the Shorts camera on YouTube and limited to 15 seconds. The second type of short video is any vertical video uploaded on YouTube that is limited to 60 seconds, with the hashtag “#Shorts” in its title description.

It is to be noted that if a video is created using a YouTube Shorts camera and only goes up to 15 seconds, it cannot generate ad revenue using AdSense. However, those short videos that are longer than 15 seconds and contain the #Shorts hashtag can generate ad revenue.

YouTube has claimed that streaming ads between these YouTube Shorts can decrease audience engagement and smooth streaming. So to improve the overall interaction of viewers with Shorts, video ads are less likely to be served on Shorts.

Generating ad revenue through YouTube Shorts is a far more complex process than traditional monetization, as you cannot put ads on them and earn money as your views increase.

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How Can I Earn Money From YouTube Shorts?

You can follow these four simple steps to monetize long videos on YouTube and earn money from them.

  • Apply for the YouTube Partner Program
  • Start posting full-length videos on your channel
  • Turn on the monetization for your videos
  • Collect and earn money through advertising revenue.

The above procedure doesn’t apply to YouTube Shorts, so here are some approaches you should try to earn money from YouTube Shorts.

1. YouTube Shorts Fund

This scheme introduced by YouTube encourages content creators to dedicate themselves to making YouTube Shorts feature more popular among viewers.

A $100M fund rewards creators for generating attractive and compelling Shorts on YouTube. Each month, the Google advertising system and YouTube reach out to thousands of creators to inform them that they qualify for a bonus from the Shorts fund.

YouTube announced the Shorts fund in 2021 and has promised content creators that they will receive a bonus from this fund every month. The range of this bonus can start from $100 and go up to $10,000. The amount a creator receives depends on the performance of their Shorts.

If you are a content creator and want to ensure you are eligible for a YouTube Shorts fund, then you must post a YouTube Short after every 180 days. The video should be original, not taken from TikTok, Instagram, or any other platform.

If you follow the monetization policies and YouTube community’s guidelines, are at least 13 years of age, and live in an eligible country, you can receive a bonus.

As previously discussed, the CPM for YouTube shorts is a bit disheartening, as you need to get millions of views on your Shorts to earn a handful of money from YouTube.

However, YouTube considers the Shorts fund the first step to supporting new creators who want to make Shorts. Currently, many content creators are earning money, if not a lot, using this approach.

Ineligible videos that cannot earn a bonus from the YouTube Shorts Fund include:

  • Unedited clips that are taken from movies or TV shows.
  • Compilation of different videos taken from other sources and creators.
  • Videos uploaded from other social platforms like Instagram, TikTok, or Snapchat.
  • Videos that have watermarks from a third-party app.
  • Those videos having meta descriptions, hashtags, and references to other social media platforms affect the eligibility.

Channels that are not actively monetizing their videos on YouTube can be eligible for the Shorts fund. Those creators who are already a part of the YouTube Partner Program are also qualified.

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2. Branded Content and Brand Integration

If you are a famous influencer with a targeted audience suitable for a specific brand, they can ask you to promote their services and products.

Getting a brand deal is easy if you know how to connect with your audience, create engaging content that gets viral now and then, and if your audience trusts your opinions, you can help brands increase their sales through brand deals or sponsorship.

If you do not want to bother with the competitive race to get a bonus from the YouTube Shorts Fund, you can create your personalized audience and focus on getting a brand sponsor.

To create branded content, you do not have to focus on getting millions of impressions on your Shorts. You only need a strong following base and the right audience to pitch the right brand.

On the flip side, more brands are eager to partner with content creators that use the YouTube Shorts feature to create genius and smashing videos.

Getting brand deals is not an easy job. You need to work full-time as a YouTube content creator and create unique videos that can promote the brand in various ways.

Pitching brands requires tons of work managing emails, figuring out the rates you must demand, and avoiding scams and other frauds. On top of that, you will have to manage and edit your YouTube Shorts, so they are as engaging as short videos uploaded on any other social platform.

If you think you have a knack for creating incredible branded content, you can also reach out to companies that help creators get matching brand sponsorships. Such companies include AIR Creators Ecosystem, Makrwatch, and SEMAPHORE.

After getting a brand deal, you can earn money through affiliate marketing, product reviews, etc.

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3. YouTube Ad Revenue for Shorts

The revenue generated when viewers watch your Shorts depends on where they are watching them.

Videos that are watched in the Shorts player generate no revenue. That feature of YouTube doesn’t allow advertisements, which means you can earn no money this way. Whenever a viewer clicks on a Shorts video, it takes them to the Shorts player.

However, monetization for YouTube Shorts could be on its way, as YouTube is currently testing ad generation in the Short player.

When your viewers watch your short videos on a regular watch page, which serves advertisements, you can earn ad revenue from it.

You should be affiliated with the YouTube Partner Program to earn money through YouTube ad revenue on your Shorts. As regular players serve ads and allow you to generate money from them, they will contribute to your ad revenue if a person watches your Shorts on regular watch pages.

You might wonder what the catch in it is. The catch is that generating money from YouTube Shorts in this way earns you only a tiny amount of revenue.

A YouTube Short viewed millions of times on a regular watch page can earn up to $100 and no more. It might be better than making money through the YouTube Shorts fund, but not too much in the long run.

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Tips for Growing Your YouTube Shorts Channel

With the rising demand for quick, fun, and attractive short videos on YouTube or other social platforms, several new and existing content creators are focusing on generating engaging content that easily garners millions of viewers on each video.

How do you make a breakthrough in such a competitive space?

While there are more practical approaches to growing your YouTube Shorts channel, your time and dedication are the main driving force behind scaling it. Find your niche and create content that is committed to your style statement, and do not give up if you cannot generate enough revenue for a long time.

1. Make Informative Shorts

Do not create Shorts just for the sake of only creating regular content. Ensure that each of your short videos is informative in one way or another so that it can engage your existing subscribers and attract new viewers.

2. Create Thumbnails for Your Shorts

Even though one assumes that Shorts are only played in the Shorts player, they forget that most YouTube viewers watch these short videos through their regular watch page. This means a thumbnail can be a tool used to your advantage, as you can customize it and attract more viewers.

3. Be Consistent in Posting

If you want to compete with thousands of similar content creators, you cannot count on a single YouTube Short to work for months. One video cannot bring millions of views to your channel, and since people love to watch fresh content every day, it is wise to schedule your posting and ensure it is consistent.

4. Short Means Short

Posting lengthy videos with a lot of information crammed in them is not an excellent way to create YouTube shorts. Viewers can get bored in seconds and recognize that the content will not entertain them.

How to Earn Money from YouTube Shorts?
Earn Money from YouTube Shorts

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Some Examples of YouTubers Killing It With Their YouTube Shorts

New and existing YouTubers compete to get millions of views on their Shorts. They are not just taking advantage of their current subscribers but attracting new viewers by regularly creating unique and incredible content.

1. Nuseir Yassin

The creator behind “Nas Daily” tells short and compelling stories through his YouTube Shorts. Due to his exciting storytelling skills, he has managed to increase the views on his Shorts from millions to billions.

2. Dan Rhodes

The young content creator behind “Dan Rhodes” showcases his magic tricks through his YouTube Shorts by consistently posting. He has used the feature to his advantage and brought phenomenal growth to his channel through YouTube Shorts.

3. Madeleine White

The TikTok sensation created a career for herself, from being a fashion model to an influencer. She started making YouTube Shorts on her channel, where she regularly posted fashionable outfit ideas and showcased her phenomenal sewing skills.

4. AustinSprinz

Austin Sprinz is another rising star of YouTube, killing it with his entertaining YouTube Shorts. He already enjoyed a massive following on TikTok and turned to YouTube in 2021. He began uploading unique and exhilarating Shorts that gained millions of views on each video.

The Conclusion

It is possible and easy to earn money through YouTube Shorts even without the generation of ads in a traditional way. However, a creator still needs to put in tremendous efforts to ensure their YouTube Shorts are generating enough revenue compared to the regular videos they previously created.

One must defeat the key hurdles before thinking of making money with YouTube Shorts, which is to create regular and exciting content. Original and engaging Shorts offer a good chance of scaling your channel and benefitting from the YouTube Shorts fund, branded content, and brand integration, or YouTube ad revenue.

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