How To Earn Money on YouTube Without Showing Face?

The most popular website for viewing, sharing, and uploading user-generated videos is YouTube. Due to the expanding creative economy, many ways to generate money on YouTube exist. While certain strategies have a lower entry barrier than making money through ads, no alternative for high-quality content and an interested audience is present.

And the best part is that anyone can earn money by making YouTube videos, even without showing their face. As long as you use your creativity and are prepared to put in a lot of work, you can become a YouTube success.

Making Money on YouTube

Since its founding in 2005, YouTube has overtaken Google as the second most popular website. Users may share a variety of videos on this video-sharing website. Due to its size, YouTube users post more than 100 videos per minute.

The most incredible thing about YouTube is that you may post an endless number of videos and that it is entirely free. Many people are curious about how to monetize your YouTube channel without revealing your face.

How Does it Work?

You might wonder if it’s possible to earn money on YouTube without revealing your identity. After all, many people online advertise that they can earn money through various tactics, yet many of these are ultimately worthless.

You can make money on YouTube without displaying your face. Numerous well-known YouTube channels are anonymous and make a sizable income via affiliate marketing, Google AdSense, and other revenue streams.

On YouTube, a wide variety of videos are available. There wouldn’t be as many faceless videos on YouTube if they couldn’t earn money. The fact that there are faceless videos proves that they may be made and uploaded to make money.

Making money on YouTube is just as challenging when you don’t reveal your face as it is when you do. Therefore, don’t expect to start making money immediately after uploading ten videos to YouTube with no faces in them.

Since there is no set limit to the amount of money you may make, this is a rather hard subject. When a video has 1,000 views, users on the YouTube site may make an average of $3 to $5.

Many YouTubers earn $200,000 per year from the platform. In addition, some YouTube users earn money without ever revealing their identities; they publish various content that is entertaining or instructive.

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How to Earn Money on YouTube without Showing Your Face?

You’re in for a shock if you believe creating YouTube videos entails speaking directly to the camera. You don’t have to reveal your face if you want to make money on YouTube.

Numerous YouTube channels do receive millions of views in this manner. You only need a tried-and-true YouTube marketing plan to get on that list.

Create FP Tutorials

If you don’t want to show your face in the YouTube videos you create, you don’t have to. You can still create great videos in the form of first-person tutorials where the audience gets to see your perspective rather than your face.

Many people think that the subject’s face must be visible when a camera is used to record video. That is not the situation. First-person lesson films with no faces are pretty popular in the cooking and housekeeping niches.

It will be more challenging to operate in some segments than others. For instance, you won’t be able to use first-person cookery films if you can’t cook. However, simpler films can be produced, such as those for cleaning and restoration.

Holding a camera to your chest will allow you to record these videos. After that, you may extend the tripod and use your hands to access the region where the video is being recorded.

List Videos

Do you like researching everything and everything? If so, you may simply add that talent to YouTube. Depending on your interests, you may spend your days ranking the best 10 movies, destinations, pizzerias, and other things. However, you’ll use graphics, voice-over, and photographs to fill in the visual gaps rather than revealing your face.

List videos are interesting and straightforward to understand. Additionally, they may be entirely outsourced and are extremely simple to produce.

However, these movies’ ability to remain faceless may be their greatest advantage. As with any channel type, picking a specialty before starting to produce content might be helpful.

Consider making sports lists, movie-related lists, etc., instead of generic list videos. List films resemble slideshow videos, except they are more ordered and include more tightly themed content. This makes it possible for these movies to require more time to produce than most standard slideshows.

Compilation Videos

A compilation is a group of brief, connected video snippets pulled from other videos. Epic moments, sports highlights, captivating videos (terrible videos), stunning musical compositions, and even humorous photographs may all be included. Once you have enough material for a YouTube video, you may rapidly trim and edit clips using the software.

Compilation videos are particularly susceptible to being demonetized or removed owing to copyright violations, which is a crucial point to keep in mind. As a result, before adding a clip, confirm that you have the owners’ permission to do so.

Meditation Videos

Some people find it challenging to meditate alone. Because of this, newcomers look for guided meditations on YouTube, particularly those offered by mellow teachers. Do you think you could pull that off? The good news is that launching a channel regarding meditation is less complicated than starting one about music or games. We’d think you have a shot if you have a calm voice and deliberate direction.

Motivational Videos

We can all use a little push now and again, mainly because our lives are affected by difficulty, failure, disappointment, and even sadness. While some people can overcome the obstacles on their own, others require assistance.

The good news is that you can improve people’s lives by encouraging them to believe in themselves. How? Through producing inspirational movies. Use a dynamic motivational video to motivate your audience by turning your speech into visual information.

A fantastic motivating video may be created in just a few minutes. Choose a template you can customize, then make your motivational movie online.

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Create a Sponsored Video

Another easy way to earn money on YouTube without revealing your identity is through sponsored videos. Simply collaborate with a company to create films that market their goods. In this manner, you may create engaging material while also earning money.

You may start by approaching them directly and proposing to create sponsored films. Additionally, if your channel has a lot of views, businesses may get in touch with you and make you an offer. Promoting your sponsored videos to a large audience may increase the money you receive from the companies you partner with.

Utilizing stock footage is a different approach to producing YouTube videos and earning money without displaying your face. It is a brief video that is typically someone else’s outtake and can be inserted into longer video productions.

High-quality, royalty-free stock footage may be found in numerous places, including Pexels, Shutterstock, and many others. You may make lengthy and interesting YouTube movies for various purposes by combining many of these types of content with the strength of text-to-speech software.

Animated Videos

Animations dominated the material on YouTube for a long time. These kinds of videos lost popularity over time. However, they have once again become a well-liked video category in recent years. One of their many advantages is that animations don’t have to be complicated. Simple character motions are more than efficient in conveying the speaker’s mood.

In other words, you don’t have to make a Disney movie to get people to like your animated video. Animations frequently come with narration. Knowing this, you may think about organizing your animations to complement your remark. By doing so, you can keep viewers’ attention while emphasizing your voice.


There are several voice-only podcasts that get a lot of views, despite the widespread belief that visual podcasts are essential. This aspect makes generating a podcast an enticing choice for people wishing to create videos without displaying their faces.

Producing podcast videos is simple. Pick a topic that fits your specialization, then pick related issues to discuss. Podcast videos may either be shot alone or simultaneously with several speakers.

The fact that podcasts are frequently lengthy films is their lone drawback. In other words, you might be able to make many separate videos in the time it takes to do one podcast episode. When deciding on the kind of channel to use, bear this in mind.

Play Videogames

Both playing video games and watching others play them are hugely popular pastimes. In addition, hundreds of thousands of video games are released each month. Many individuals would want to grasp what they are about before buying, while others don’t have time to play but still want to know the complete shop of a certain video game.

As a result, gaming videos are incredibly popular on YouTube and are a fantastic source of income. Even better, if you start a walkthrough gaming channel on YouTube, which is frequently intended to finish whole video games to help other players or give them the full game storylines, you may concentrate only on playing without having to communicate or show your face.

Use a 3D Avatar

If you don’t want to show your face in the YouTube videos you create, there’s no need not to be in your videos. You can still be the star of the show by replacing your real face with a 3D avatar.

To create a face replacement, choose the video clip on the timeline to which you want to apply the face-off effect. Then, go to the Effects tab, click Utility, and you’ll get a list of all the available utility effects, including tilt-shift, auto-enhance, mosaic, and face-off. Add the Face-Off effect by dragging it to the track above the video.

Today, AI software can replace any video, picture, or GIF with your face or a friend’s face. Furthermore, you may add any movie from your collection to this program to make unique face swap films.

Additionally, you have access to built-in sources of films, pictures, and GIFs. There are also tons of videos on YouTube on how you can replace your face with a 3D avatar of your choice.

How To Earn Money on YouTube Without Showing Face?
How To Earn Money on YouTube Without Showing Face?

Time-lapse Videos

Have you ever seen a video where the transition from day to night happens quickly? You were witnessing a time-lapse. Although the scene looked to move incredibly quickly, a time-lapse was produced by several photographs appearing quickly, one after another.

A tale may be beautifully told with time-lapse films. They enable us to examine natural processes and movements that are typically not seen by the human eye. They also enable us to video an activity that occurs so swiftly that it must be stretched out to fully comprehend what is going on.

The most captivating time-lapse films highlight gradually changing landscapes, organic processes, and extended periods of activity. You may record a time-lapse of the night sky for your music video or a flaming sunset to post on your YouTube trip page.

Some Creators demonstrate their work by filming themselves, creating a sculpture, or painting a picture over an extended period using time-lapse techniques.

Make sure your camera is on Manual and that none of your settings are on Auto. Instead of using JPEG, shoot RAW photographs since they provide many more editing options. To make a time-lapse more realistic, you may adjust the white balance, restore deep shadows, and catch a lot more texture and color.

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