How many articles are enough for your niche website?

A lot of people ask this, how many articles should I publish on my niche website to get a decent amount of traffic? Let us discuss in detail, how many articles are enough for your niche website.

When you are starting a niche website, it is ideal to add at least 100 articles in the first four months. Then in the next 8 months, you can publish 120 articles more. After your first four months, every month you can publish at least 20 articles for the next 8 months. Within 12 months, it will be ideal if you can publish more than 200 articles (targeted for long tail keywords for a particular niche).

Before deciding on the number of articles, let us try to first understand what is the ideal content length of a particular post or article.

Note: We are discussing niche websites and the target audience is the United States of America.

How many words should a blog post be (ideal word count)

What is the ideal word count of a blog post or an article? A lot of SEO professionals will suggest different things. Like, a few will say, the ideal length should be 2000 words, and a few will suggest it should be between 1500 words to 2000 words. Various niche website owners write content an average of 1000 words.

According to the recent Google helpful content update, Google does not look at or preferred the word count of a blog post. They clearly mentioned this.

How many articles for niche website
Google helpful content update

You might have noticed that for a search query, a 300-word count article is ranking and getting a decent amount of traffic to the website. At the same time for other competitive search queries, you will see a 4000 words article will take the number 1 position on the search result.

So this is not the word count that is driving traffic to your niche website, it is the information available on the particular post.

Since we are targeting a particular niche, I am expecting you have done proper keyword research and selected long tail keywords for your topics. Even it is good if you have selected to write how-to articles.

So it is very important for you to write content that is relevant to the topic. Make sure, the article should answer the question of what the user is looking out for. Do not add irrelevant content just to achieve a certain word count.

Even if the article is 800 – 1000 words but it is full filling the search intent, then it is good.

But if the topic is relatively competitive and requires adding in detail everything, then it makes sense to add a long article, maybe 3000+ words article length.

So for a niche website, on average I would prefer to add 1300 to 1500 words articles for the first 100 articles where I will focus purely on the low competition keywords, alternatively the how-to articles.

How many articles should I publish to my niche website?

Disclaimer: Whatever I am suggesting here is purely from my experience and this might not be the same for you.

But remember if you have done your niche selection and keyword research properly, then you might see some traffic within 2/3 months with just 30-40 articles.

If you have chosen a competitive niche, then you might see some traffic after 10 – 12 months.

In the beginning, when you start writing articles for your niche, make sure to add related topics. For example, if your niche is a pet niche, then write a few articles on pet care, then maybe a decent number of articles on pet food, etc.

Write your first 30 articles in 30 days

Consistency is very important in blogging. You should write consistently. It is better to write daily one article or weekly 3 articles consistently, rather than posting 5 articles in a day.

Spend every day a few hours and try to write 30 how-to articles on your niche in the first 30 days.

Pick low competition keywords. Do not write product review articles within those 30 days. Target those long tail keywords and write related 30 articles. The average word count you can keep to 1200 to 1500 words.

How many articles for a niche website
How many articles for a niche website

Add 75 more articles in the next 3 months

In the next 3 months, try to maintain the same frequency. During those 3 months, try to write 60 to 75 articles.

Again, in all these articles, you should target the low competition keywords. The word count for these articles should be the same which is around 1500 words.

But in some topics, you might add up to 2000 words.

90% of articles you should target questions answer type articles and 10% you can focus on writing review articles or best type articles. Like best dog foods etc.

By this time, your website age will be 4 months and you will have 85 – 100 articles on a particular niche. Most of the articles will be informational articles.

Write 60 articles in the next 4 months

It is a very good idea to maintain the frequency, especially when your website is a brand new website. I am assuming you have started the site with a brand new domain.

Maintain the consistency level and keep writing these kinds of informational articles, at least 20 articles in a month for the next 4 months.

By the end of this period, your website age will be 8 months and there will be around 150 articles posted on your niche website.

By this time, you should be able to see a few movements on your Google analytics and search console.

Add 60 more articles in the last 4 months

In the last 4 months of your website before it turns one year old, keep publishing at least 20 articles each month.

Try not to write more product review articles, focus on writing informational content. The more informational articles you will publish, it will be easier to come in the search results.

During this time also, you can add for the Google Adsense program to display ads on your website. This is also very much crucial for your website. The website should get approved by the Google AdSense program. Make sure to write unique and well-researched original content, so that the niche website will be approved by Google.

By the time the website becomes 1 year old, you should have more than 200 articles (nearly 250 blog posts) and out of which 90% will be informational content. The average word count should be 1300 to 1500 words.

How many articles are enough for your niche website
How many articles are enough for your niche website

Points to consider while writing an article

Here are a few points you should focus on and remember while writing content for your niche website.

  • Focus on informative articles
  • Understand the search intent, not on the word count
  • Do original research before writing an article
  • Write articles regularly, Google loves consistency
  • Do not try to summarize from a few articles and write your article
  • Focus on your niche
  • For one category, at least write 20 to 25 articles before creating a new category
  • Do not over-optimize for SEO, content is the king
  • Keep patience, your articles might not get indexed for the first 10-12 months. Results will slowly come after the sandboxed period.

Nowadays growing a website and getting a decent number of visitors is quite difficult and you can publish as much content as you can. Even if you are a new blogger, I am assuming you will spend 4-5 hours every day writing quality content for your niche website.


For a few niches, you might see good results with a very less number of articles (~ 50 articles). But in general, I would suggest writing more than 250 informational articles to see some traffic to your niche website.

Google loves consistency, so keep publishing articles regularly, it is very crucial for a new website. Do not focus on word count, rather focus on the search intent, try to answer what the user or reader is expecting from the post. Your content should add value to your readers.

Got an idea about how many articles are enough for your niche website? If yes, start writing content for your niche website and target the USA or United Kingdom audience.

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