Niche Websites Making More Than $1000 per Month in USA

Many niche websites make millions of dollars from various income sources every year. As long as you have a proper content marketing strategy, you should be on your way to making over $1000 per month in the USA.

If you’re looking to create niche markets, then this blog is for you. We will go through the best niche websites and analyze their strategy so you can replicate it.

What is a Niche Website?

If you’re new to the world of niche websites, this section will serve as a starter course. Simply put, a niche website taps into a small community of eager readers.

Why target a small community when you can go after a more significant market? Because it’s easier to focus your resources on one marketing strategy.

Going after a more significant community would require far too many resources and time. It’s not worth it.

You can try it for yourself. Make one niche website on gaming and another on accounting. Now try balancing your day job while managing the content strategy for both websites.

Sounds difficult? That’s because it is. This is why most successful entrepreneurs start with a small niche. Once they start generating an income, it makes sense to delegate to a team of copywriters to focus on other niches.

But for now, let’s target one niche, or rather, a niche within a niche. Remember, the narrower your target audience, the easier it is to market to them.

Niche websites often contain affiliate links, advertisements, and even products. It isn’t uncommon for niche websites in California to invite readers to visit another website.

The exact marketing funnel isn’t essential. What matters is that your niche website is generating interest among readers and captivating their attention.

This ‘attention’ is a valuable commodity to advertisers who would spend billions to get more clicks and views for their products and services.

In the earlier days of niche marketing, it was relatively easy to succeed due to a lack of competition. Ranking on search engines was a walk in the park.

Fast forward to 2022, and niche marketing has become difficult. But it’s not impossible. You will need to take ‘inspiration’ from your competitors, analyze their tricks, and put your own spin on things.

To inspire you, we’ve rounded up the best niche websites that generate well over $1,000 in the United States.

Nerd Wallet

NerdWallet is the poster child of niche marketing in 2022. It started out in 2009 with the specific purpose of providing free financial advice to readers.

The blog picked up quite a bit of steam in the past few years. And today, it is the go-to place for financial information, whether you want to pick a loan, credit card, or pay off a debt.

Wondering which mortgage lender to choose in California? NerdWallet has an article for that. Want to learn how to make the best use of your savings? You can find insightful tips on NerdWallet to maximize the value of your savings.

Tax season has bogged you down? There’s hundreds of articles on NerdWallet dealing with the intimidating tax season alone.

In other words, NerdWallet is the Wikipedia of financial information, with the tiny difference that the information is easily digestible.

To say that NerdWallet is huge would be an understatement. It generates over 20.4 million organic traffic per month, showing no signs of decline.

NerdWallet also invests in paid search traffic to supplement their income. The authority score for NerdWallet is 76, according to SEMrush.

This indicates that search engines like Google are more likely to instantly rank articles uploaded on NerdWallet.

So how can you achieve similar levels of success? To start off, you have to manage your expectations. NerdWallet has had 13 years to master the craft of niche marketing.

Over the years, the website has grown to hire expert copywriters to churn out new content every day. They likely have dedicated editors for fact-checking and proofreading.

That’s a lot of resources that a single entrepreneur cannot realistically spend. This is why you should start on a small scale.

Target long tail keywords in the finance industry, such as ‘car insurance quotes in California’ instead of ‘car insurance’.

Use a tool like SEMrush to identify new niche marketing opportunities in the finance sector.

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Greatist is to health and wellness what NerdWallet is to finance. The niche website’s primary goal is to provide readers with access to high-quality fitness-related information.

Their writers do a fairly good job of dumbing down complex ideas and topics into easy-to-digest information.

Other topics that Greatist routinely discussed include mental health, relationships, race, and gender.

Over the years, Greatist has written over 7,000 articles and 3,000 recipes, and workout videos. They send daily newsletters to readers and provide honest product reviews.

Their social media presence is colossal with over 2 million followers. So what’s the secret to Greatist’s success?

It appears they’ve taken a leaf out of NerdWallet’s playbook – writing high-quality niche content. The content length of their biggest articles is nearly 5,000 words.

Their highest-ranking content topic is on yoga poses. Greatist provides us with a compelling case study on what you can achieve on a minimalistic budget and a consistent strategy.

Today, the website has accumulated over 3.7 million keywords with nearly 4.5 million monthly visits.

When you’re as big as Greatist, ranking for top keywords like ‘healthy breakfasts’ and ‘yoga poses’ is more manageable.

But the writers at Greatist know the value of long-tail traffic across sub-niches within the fitness industry.

They write articles on professional weightlifting, bodybuilding, strength training, marathons, food recipes, dieting, and so much more.

Does this mean Greatist is less of a niche site? Not really. In its earliest years, Greatist focused on one specific sub-niche before expanding into other niches.

The best part about Greatist is that their writers are humble enough to admit that they aren’t experts in every niche. What matters at the end of the day is that their articles are fun to read.

Although Greatist hasn’t revealed their financial figures (like most niche websites on this list), we can safely assume they make over $1,000 per month.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to assume that they are easily raking in a monthly income that exceeds six figures.

What can you learn from Greatist? Their website has a minimalistic design free of clutter. No intrusive pop ups or ads will block your view. The content is written by experts and vetted by editors.

The clutter-free UI of Greatist doesn’t give you a seizure – unlike most niche websites out there. Remember, just because you can place an ad doesn’t mean you should.

The ads are displayed on the side bar without obstructing your view.

Baby Gear Lab

Baby Gear Lab is powered by affiliate marketing. What makes the website stand out from other baby product review sites is that it is run by a pediatrician mother.

Their experts have personally tested thousands of products for babies and children. This provides their writers with a unique insight into the products in terms of health and performance.

What really stood out about Baby Gear Lab is that they spend a colossal amount of money crash-testing car seats to provide unbiased reviews and ratings.

Their content strategy is highly optimized as well. For example, they have one article titled “Best Baby Gifts of 2022: Top 88 Products. This article averages out at 3,400+ words.

That’s a massive amount of products to review in an informative, well-thought-out manner. So it comes as no surprise that their article is on the first page of Google.

Baby Gear Lab has hundreds of similar articles that provide readers with in-depth information. It appears they have many copywriters who know what they’re talking about.

This allows Baby Gear Lab to keep publishing highly informative content regularly. The niche website is the perfect example of what a small business can accomplish.

A quick analysis on Baby Gear Lab revealed about 230,000 visits per month – this is all organic. The website doesn’t appear to have any paid search traffic.

They have an authority score of 52, which means they will find it relatively easy to rank new articles. Baby Gear Lab has over 2,900 referring domains with over 57,000 backlinks.

Their top ranking keywords are ‘baby gate’, ‘baby walker’, ‘baby wipes’ and ‘pacifier’. These keywords have a cumulative traffic of well over 150,000.

SEMrush indicates that Baby Gear Lab has a uniform spread of keywords across informational, commercial, and transactional traffic.

Commercial keywords account for 30% of all traffic visiting Baby Gear Lab. Given that they spend tens of thousands of dollars testing new products, it’s safe to assume they earn well over $1000 per month in the USA. is another niche website that has successfully carved a space in the fitness industry.

The website may have started on a small scale, but has evolved into a powerful brand in its own right. It’s rare to see niche websites evolve into industry juggernauts, and LegionAthletics seems to have done precisely that.

Founder Mike Matthews may not have anticipated that his fitness blog would become this popular.

Legion Athletics makes most of its income by selling its line of supplements. They sell whey proteins, multivitamins, pre-workout, fish oil, and fat burners.

They also sell custom meal plans to men and women. Their coaching programs are divided into diet, workout, and an exclusive 90-day transformation plan.

We don’t know how viable these coaching plans are, but it’s safe to assume they make well over $1,000 per month from the sales proceeds.

So what makes Legion Athletics stand out? Founder Mike clues us in. He spent nearly two decades scouring through the scientific literature, personally trying workout programs, and working with men and women of all ages.

All this exposure has led Mike to hone his craft and create his own coaching programs. Mike’s blogs aim to distill all of the information in a manner that is easy to understand for the average reader.

Niche Websites Making More Than $1000 per Month in USA
Niche Websites Making More Than $1000 per Month in USA

The Diamond Pro

Learn the ins and outs of diamonds and navigate through the tumultuous scam industry by visiting The Diamond Pro.

The website has hundreds of guides, reviews, and newsletters on diamonds. For obvious reasons, there is a lot of money to make in this niche.

They receive well over 630,000 organic traffic per month. There aren’t many websites that provide detailed information on diamonds, making The Diamond Pro a ‘diamond in the rough’.

The website has a section called “Best Places to Buy” lab-grown diamond engagement rings. We reckon most of the ‘vetted’ outlets on their list give the website a sales commission.

Their articles have a helpful calculator that provides readers with the prices of gold. The calculator section also has a small CTA called “Get an Offer”.

This leads to a pop up where interested readers can sign up to receive recommendations – which we believe is also a source of revenue.

The website also advertises sales for diamond outlets. Instead of being obtrusive, the ad placement is useful to readers interested in buying gold.

Their affiliate marketing program itself is impressive. We found affiliate programs with James Allen, Blue Nile, Clean Origin, and Abe Mor.

The revenue-earning potential here is immense. Blue Nile, for instance, offers a 5% commission for a 30-day cookie. The prices of rings start at $1000 and reach tens of thousands of dollars.

But Diamond Pro doesn’t rely on its income from affiliate marketing alone. Their primary target instead is collecting emails.

Their email list is monetized and allows them to reach customers over a long period.

Wrapping Up

The key takeaway from this article is that every successful niche website has a humble origin story.

They all started from zero and grew their business into the juggernaut it is today. What’s common across all these niche websites is that they don’t needlessly populate their web pages with pointless ads. The priority is to inform first and profit second.

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