YouTube Channel Grow Tips [Complete Guide]

Youtubing is fun but challenging. Many people stop making videos before they see any traction. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is your YouTube success. This article aims to help you skip the growing curve and grow your channel from day one. Reap the benefits of these YouTube channel grow tips.

Growth Mindset

What mindset you’re in makes a massive difference in what you accomplish. Getting in the “zone,” so to speak, helps you excel in anything, including YouTube. Here’s some advice to help you get in the right mindset.

Don’t Make Excuses

Start your YouTube channel today. You must have a phone in your hand. You can shoot with it and edit it using an app. Do not wait for fancy equipment like cameras, lighting, or mics. You will always be stuck in excuses if you stop for one excuse.

You must think of what’s possible instead of why you can’t do it. If you make your first video today, you’ll take your YouTube journey sooner. Starting sooner rather than later will benefit you in the long run.

If you’re afraid the quality will not be outstanding; you should watch the first videos of successful YouTubers like Pewdiepie or Jeffrey Star. They started with nothing, and so can you!

Get Comfortable Talking in Front of the Camera

Sure there are particular video niches you can get away with not showing your face on camera. However, many of you will want to make videos showing your face. You must look natural and comfortable in front of the camera.

 If you’re uncomfortable, so will the viewer. Practice filming yourself or take several takes until you’re no longer stiff. This camera presence will get easier the more you are in front of the camera.

Today there are unreachable beauty standards imposed on men and women both. That’s why we dread our faces being seen by so many. You must appreciate your looks as they are and build up some armor to face some troll comments. 

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Understand YouTube’s Algorithm

The YouTube algorithm is there to serve YouTube, not you. You must understand how your videos benefit YouTube, and your content will be automatically promoted.

From 2005 to 2011, YouTube only valued likes and views when deciding whether to promote videos or not. This setting led to people relying on clickbait titles and thumbnails, and the average user experience plummeted.

Since then, YouTube has tried making its recommendations more personal to individual viewers. If you can figure out what people want to watch, YouTube will get it to those people.

Don’t Wait For Results to Continue

You must be consistent in your channel efforts and post regularly. Learn from any mistakes and adapt to new things you learn. Do not get disheartened if you aren’t getting any views, likes, or comments immediately.

 Promoting your YouTube channel and building an audience that waits for your next video takes a long time. You may think that famous YouTubers became successful overnight, but that’s the exception, not the rule.

Most have been making videos for years before really taking off. Stay dedicated and focused, and your effort will pay off in time.

This stuff will be easier if your goal is to make videos that make you happy and feel accomplished watching them. That way, your motivation will come from the inside, and outside factors like views and likes will be a bonus.

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How To Grow YouTube Channel from 0

We have compiled all our knowledge from making YouTube videos into the following tips so that you can grow your channel from 0 to 1000 subscribers more quickly.

This is knowledge YouTubers develop after a while of making videos. We want you to start already knowing the tricks of the trade.

Ensure your Profile is Complete

Your channel profile is your brand identity. If you leave parts of it empty, you won’t look legitimate or professional. Go through the profile settings and ensure you complete every action.

It would help if you had a nice memorable profile picture that your viewers could recognize instantly. It can be your picture or a logo of your company. Next, add a fun banner image to your channel. It will show up on your main channel home page.

It should tell the viewer who you are and what the channel is for. Don’t forget to add a welcome video and video watermark to your channel. The video watermark is a small image on the corner that allows viewers to subscribe to your channel while watching the video.

Add all your social media links and links to any PDFs or EBooks you want to share with your viewers. You can choose which links to display in your settings. It’s also a good idea to leave your email address or a business email address so businesses or other YouTubers can contact you for collaborations or deals.

Lastly and most importantly, you’ll want to verify your channels to take advantage of all the features. Some features remain locked until your profile is verified correctly. You can fix this in the settings section.

Research Your Topics Before Creating Content

You may have a creative vision in your mind. It’s good to create the content you want, but you must also align it with what the viewers want.

If you research keywords related to your topics before making content, your content can be more strategic. You can connect to the viewer and understand what they are looking for and desire. Then you’ll know precisely who you’re addressing and tailor the content to them.

This practice saves you a lot of time and effort in making content that is not in demand. No one will be looking for it, and your video won’t get seen.

You can do this research without any special tools from within YouTube itself. Type your topic or idea in the YouTube search bar and look at YouTube’s auto-suggestions.

These suggestions aren’t random but things people have searched for. You can get a lot of insight on what kind of video to make this way. Another thing you can do with the search bar is to write a general topic and add an underscore next to it.

The underscore lets YouTube add more suggestions for your broad topic. Once you’ve researched your topic using YouTube, you can use other free keyword tools online to optimize your content. Using this research, create good titles that people will search for.

YouTube Channel Grow Tips
YouTube Channel Grow Tips


We are used to seeing likes and views as if they are just numbers. You must remember that there are real people behind these numbers on the other side of the screen.

People love social interaction. Encourage them to like, subscribe, and comment on the videos. Start discussions or ask for advice in the comments of your videos. This builds the relationship between you and the viewer and makes them want to watch and comment more often.

Once you get more comments, you can even create entire videos dedicated to answering your comment section and mentioning the most interesting comments you get.

 You can also ask your viewers to suggest your next topic or video idea. In fact, you can Livestream to engage your subscribers as well.

Focus on the Right People

After uploading a new video, your first instinct is to jump and ask all your family members and friends to watch your video. You want their support in the form of views and likes. You should refrain from doing this.

You need to focus on people who want to watch your content and will watch more of it on their own. If people you know who don’t normally watch videos like that click on them because you ask them to, you’ll confuse YouTube. YouTube won’t recommend it to the right people this way.

Also, it’s better to take the support offered by friends and family on their own accord. This way, you know they are going this because they love you and not since you asked them to.

When you focus on making the right people happy, they will watch your videos all the way through and come back for more. Those two things prove to YouTube that it should boost your content to similar people.

Thumbnail Strategy

Many beginner YouTubers choose a frame in their video in which they look the best. Of course, looking good is essential but useless if no one ends up clicking the video.

Your thumbnail should be colorful and attention-grabbing. Most of all, before people read the title, you should convey what the video is about through the thumbnail.

 Instead of picking a frame from the video itself, design a thumbnail with a colorful background and images from the footage photoshopped into it.

Hook Your Viewers

The YouTube algorithms want people to watch videos fully. Clicking the video and leaving it right away is a red flag for YouTube. They will stop promoting or recommending the video it’s that happens. 75% of all the videos watched are usually YouTube recommendations.

Make sure your intros are short and sharp, and pack a punch. Let your viewers know they clicked on the right video. Reassure that you will do what you promised in the title and thumbnail.

Structure your video so that people watch it until the end. Leave any big reveals until the end. Ensure viewers get something rewarding at the end to thank them for their patience.


Playlists are a fantastic tool to guide viewers on what content they should watch. Playlists are groups of videos in which you specify the number and order of your videos.

They can rank as a single piece of content, and you can make as many as you like. Playlists have titles and descriptions like normal videos, which you can fill with keywords to get traction.

Playlists can also help you divide your content by topic to help your viewer navigate your channel. If you start a video series, making it into a playlist is a no-brainer.

Think of the Viewer’s Journey

YouTube wants people to spend more time here. Think about the viewer’s journey. How would they come to watch your video, and what video would they like to watch next?

Link a video you suggest they should watch next at the end of your video. Make sure it has an exciting thumbnail too. If you don’t have a video like that on your channel, you can add one from another channel.

If it’s a big channel, it’s a good idea to overlap viewership. You don’t want to become a session killer. You must do everything in your power to ensure that people don’t leave YouTube right after watching your video.

If you are worried that you’ll promote a competing channel, you can always change the linked video with one of yours later.

Build an Email List

building an email list is beneficial since you can contact your fans whenever possible. Not only will this improve communication with your subscribers it will also help you build your brand.

You can inform people in your email list of any new products or merchandise you will launch. You can also send them discounts in the mail. This is an excellent way to engage your viewers outside of YouTube.


You can’t fill a full glass with more water. You must be open to learning from your experience and growing as you continue to make videos.

This is part of the YouTube growth mindset. You can’t think you are beyond constructive criticism. Evolve as you gain more experience to make your YouTube videos even better.


We’ve got you if you’re wondering how to grow your YouTube channel for free. You only need to put in the hard work and effort consistently. You don’t need fancy equipment to make great content. Start making videos today, and you will surely succeed with our tips.

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