YouTube Channel Ideas for Couples

You must have a favorite YouTuber to two. How excited are you when their significant other shares screen time with them? There’s something about couples that is fascinating, relatable, and wholesome. We love watching couples on screen. Doesn’t matter if it’s a movie, TV show, or on YouTube.

You’re in luck if you want to start a couple’s YouTube channel. Since all the good couples content, ideas are fun and relationship building. Here are some video ideas for your couple’s YouTube channel.

Date Videos

No one says you must record the whole date and the conversations you have during it. People are more interested in the planning that went into the date. Is it a surprise date or something planned? How often do you go on them? Show the audience how you prepare the venue and what you wear. Check-in throughout the date and give your honest reactions. People will want to know how it went.

For example, suppose you planned a romantic evening at the beach. People will want to know how you chose the right beach. What will you both wear? What supplies do you need, and do you decorate or not? You can show the actual date in the form of a cute montage.

Story Time

Storytime videos are gaining popularity. The trick is to have a title that grabs the viewer. It must be something they must hear more about. Sometimes the most eye-catching titles are ones with a bizarre or mysterious element. For example, “The day I lost my toe but found my love.” This title promises an exciting story.

Sit down with your partner in front of the camera and share the story. These videos are easy to make since there aren’t any complicated shots or camera work. If you do want to make it hard for yourself, you can attempt to add animations to illustrate your story.

Question Answering Videos

Once you’ve been making videos as a couple for a while, you will accumulate fan questions. They could be comments on videos or DMs on Instagram. When you think you have collected some interesting questions, you can ask your fans for more before making a video on them.

Sit with your significant other and read and answer questions both of you that your fans asked you. Some questions are more challenging than others. Some could cause trouble or fights, while others are hilarious. You can also share honest couple’s advice for anyone whose asking.

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Cooking Together

It doesn’t matter who usually cooks the food. Cooking together is fun. People watch cooking videos when they want to figure out what to make at home. However, it’s nice to find a recipe or cooking video that’s entertaining too.

Prank Each Other

You must admit that you’ve watched friends pranking each other on YouTube till the wee hours of the night. Who says only friends can do that? Pranking your significant other is a lot funnier. As long as you don’t cross any boundaries and respect them at the end of the day, it should be fine.

I’m sure you can think of ten hilarious pranks right now. For example, “Pretending I sold my significant others jewelry/ X box 5.”

Romantic Surprises

If you thought pranks were entertaining, wait till you make a romantic surprise video. People love watching others react to things live. The viewers will love to see you set up an incredible romantic surprise for your significant other.

You can start the video with a quick intro sharing the thoughts or story behind the idea. Then share the steps to prepare the surprise and, finally, your significant other’s reaction.

Dance Challenges

There is a new TikTok dance challenge going viral every week. Practicing or attempting these challenges in a YouTube video can be amusing. You can do multiple dances in one video or focus the video on mastering one.

This video could be the behind-the-scenes documentary of making that TikTok dance challenge video. You can show the final dance and video at the end, so people have something to wait for.

Other Challenges

There aren’t just dance challenges going viral but so many different challenges becoming trends. You may recall when challenges just started becoming popular. There was the ice-bucket challenge to promote ALS awareness or the stupid cinnamon challenge. Since then, there’s been a new challenge going viral almost daily, if not weekly.

Maybe you’ve seen the “built different egg cracking challenge” or the “Drink an entire bottle of a sprite without burping challenge.” These challenges don’t have any point, but seeing people attempt or succeed at them is very entertaining.

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Workout Together

This channel does not have to be a workout one for you to shoot a couple’s workout video. You can try different couples’ workouts you find online and share your review. If you already work out together as some couples do, you can share your routines.

You will be surprised at the number of people who watch workout videos while eating donuts. They don’t necessarily need to be fitness enthusiasts. Sometimes workout videos are just fun to watch.

Do Each Other’s Make Up

This idea is perfect whether you know how to apply makeup or not. It’s even funnier if one of you knows and the other does not. Imagine one couple member putting makeup on the other who’s not used to it. Then the person who doesn’t know how to do makeup does the other’s makeup.

There is so much room for jokes and fun while making this video. Not to mention that people enjoy watching others apply good or bad makeup.

Switch Chores for a Day

Even though it’s 2022, that doesn’t necessarily mean the division of labor in the home is equal. You and your significant other can switch chores for a day to prove that it is or isn’t. This activity allows you to experience life in the other’s shoes for a day. Perhaps you will stop taking their work for granted when you realize how hard it is.

If one person does most of the housework, it will be fun to see them relax. At the same time, the other person gets to know all the work their significant other does daily.

Travel Vlogs

A Vlog is a video log. Travelling is a passion shared by many but enjoyed by a few. Many people never have the time or the money to travel by themselves. Therefore, many people watch travel Vlogs as the next best thing.

There are many YouTube channel ideas for couples if you and your spouse or significant other want to explore new countries together. You can try the local food, wear the local clothes, or roam the local bazaars.

You can review the hotels and AirBnBs on your trip. Travel Vlogs are really popular in the country you’ve traveled to. Lots of people love seeing their country through the eyes of foreign guests.

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Hiking Vlogs

Hiving Vlogs are similar to travel vlogs since you have to travel to the hiking spot. However, they have more to do with your experience on a certain hiking trail. If you guys already hike together as a couple, you can take your camera along. If you guys have never tried hiking, then this is something you can explore on camera together.

If you ever feel impulsive, you can rent a van and drive out to hike at the Grand Canyon. Hiking enthusiasts love watching these Vlogs to plan their next trip.

ASMR Mukbang

ASMR stands for autonomous sensory meridian response. That’s quite the mouthful so let’s stick with ASMR. It’s the pleasant sensation some people feel when they hear certain sounds or whispering along with visual stimuli. Mukbang is a Korean-origin video trend in which you eat massive portions of food in front of the camera relatively fast.

ASMR mukbang features all the chewing and slurping sounds people avoid hearing everywhere else. There is a massive fan base for this, surprisingly. If two heads are better than one, then two mouths should make a better mukbang. It’s probably easier to eat all that food with a partner.

ASMR Skincare

ASMR skincare videos show people performing multi-step skincare routines. Skincare used to be exclusively associated with women. However, now people are accepting and encouraging men to invest in their skin as well.

Watching a couple perform their skincare together is adorable. Wearing furry headbands in robes and looking relaxed appeal to the audience. You will find many videos of men and women performing their skincare, but not many couples doing it.

That means there is a lot of untapped potential in this niche.

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Significant Other Reacts to My Gaming.

Do both of your games or only one of you? If one member of a couple games, they can play new games in front of their significant other to react.

The gaming community loves to see what untrained amateur thinks when they see the graphics or gameplay of a game. There’s a popular YouTube channel known for videos in which the player’s girlfriend reacts to him playing new games.

The videos have footage of him playing the game with his girlfriend narrating her thoughts in the background. Your videos do not have to be structured the same way. 

Gaming as a Couple

If you and your significant other game together, you’ve hit the content gold mine. Film yourselves challenging each other in one on one games like Tekken, Streetfighter, or Smash Ultimate. You can play co-op in Borderlands or as a team in games like Dota or Valorant.

The YouTube channel ideas for couples making gaming videos are limitless. You may think that the gaming video scene is saturated. However, making videos as a couple will set your content apart.

Drinking Games

Drinking game videos might not be suitable for children. However, they are a riot. You could consider them the height of entertainment. There are so many drinking games couples could try. You could play “never have I ever” or “Answer or Drink.” Viewers will enjoy watching you guys have fun and get a little tipsy.

Couples Cosplay

Cosplay means dressing up as your favorite TV show, movie, or book character. There are many iconic couples you and your significant other can cosplay as.

The video can show you preparing or ordering the costumes, doing the character makeup, and the final reveal. You get to target the general cosplay community along with fans of the famous couple you’re cosplaying as. You can end the video with a fantastic photo shoot in your costumes.

YouTube Channel Ideas for Couples
YouTube Channel Ideas for Couples

Learn a New Skill Together

Self-improvement is always something we should strive for. Learning a new skill is a good move towards that goal. Doing it alone is alright, but learning as a couple is even better.

Document your journey of learning a new skill in one or several YouTube videos. You will be inspiring to people who wish to learn the same skill. It’s an excellent way to bond while creating great content simultaneously.


Hearing someone’s opinion before watching or buying something helps us choose whether to spend time or money on something. Review videos are becoming more and more popular for that exact reason. There are many things you can review or react to as a couple.

The sky is the limit for video ideas. You can review local restaurants, products, and services or react to funny videos together.

Instead of getting a single viewpoint, viewers can benefit from two different perspectives. That way, they can make more informed decisions about future purchases. Review videos can even be sponsored. Companies can send you their products to be reviewed for free.


There are so many creative videos you can make as a couple. It doesn’t matter what you end up choosing to do. Whether you choose a single niche or multiple from this list, we hope you have fun. At the end of the day, viewers will want most to see a happy couple having fun. A couple they can relate to or root for.

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