YouTube Channel Ideas for IT Professionals [16 Channel Ideas]

As an IT YouTuber, you need to work on two types of content:

  • Capitalizing on the latest trends and technologies
  • Evergreen content that will draw viewers to your channel for years to come

Focusing on evergreen content can drive a significant chunk of traffic to your channel for years. This is true even if trends change and new tech emerges. It keeps organic traffic flowing for years. Here are 16 YouTube channel ideas for IT professionals in California.

1. Podcasts on Technology

Podcasts can be used to focus on evergreen content as well as trends in the industry. You can invite guests, experts, and even friends over to your podcast.

Topics could be a new trend in the industry, why it matters, and how it could benefit the viewer.

If you are in cybersecurity, for example, you could talk about high-profile cybersecurity breaches, how they happened, and steps viewers can take to prevent them.

Always try to aim for topics that will keep audiences engaged for years to come. The bulk of your efforts should focus on evergreen content.

You can, on occasion, entertain new trends and the latest fad in your specific tech niche. Aim to upload a podcast every week. Bonus points if you can work on live podcasts because they can be more entertaining.

Pro tip: Upload short snippets of your podcast containing useful information into bite-sized videos.

youtube channel ideas for it professionals

2. Review Products

This channel idea will require a hefty budget because buying new products is not feasible for creators.

Tech reviews of products accomplish two things in one video:

  • Capitalizing on the latest trends
  • Generating evergreen content

Most viewers like to know how a new product works before they decide to part with their money. Unbox Therapy is a good example of a tech channel that dominates this niche.

Over time, Unbox Therapy accumulated a sizable subscriber count. This led to manufacturers giving away free products to Unbox Therapy for being reviewed.

Once your tech review channel gets to a certain size, businesses will reach out to you for reviews.

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3. How-to Guides

Technical how-to guides with detailed steps will always attract new traffic. Your guides should be easy to follow for non-tech-savvy people.

For instance, you could make a video on “How to Configure the Canon EOS 90D”. If the video proves to be popular enough, you can work on how-to guides for other cameras in the Canon EOS series.

The trick is to focus on beginner-level ideas. You can, of course, focus on more technically advanced subjects, such as reflowing an XBOX, but those tend to have fewer views.

Linus Tech Tips and Louis Rossman are excellent tech channels in this space.

You will need to invest in high-resolution cameras to focus on your subject. This may also require investing in expensive tools to carry out repairs.

How-to videos on television repair often get the most views. The subject requires advanced expertise, technical knowledge, and access to high-end equipment for diagnosis and repair.

youtube channel ideas for it professionals usa

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4. Technology News

There are thousands of technology news channels on YouTube. You will have to distinguish your channel from your main competitors.

Come up with a name that is catchy and will tell your audience about the kind of content they’ll get.

It is important to decide the kind of tech news you want to focus on. This step is vital for your channel’s success because you will draw a specific audience.

For example, some readers want to know what’s new in electronic engineering, while others are more interested in cybersecurity.

However, you can focus on multiple niches that cover topics such as:

  • Breaking news
  • Events
  • Gaming updates
  • Latest cybersecurity updates
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Others

You need to work on your delivery and quality of content. The combination of quality and quantity can turn your visitors into loyal fans.

Usually, the subject of your video dictates the style of delivery. Your unique selling point is presenting the information creatively.

You can upload interesting and original videos on trendy topics. You can also focus on what’s new with old tech. This could be related to software updates and others.

Focusing on multiple niches is a full-time job. You will need a team of researchers who must be familiar with the content. However, you will ultimately set the tone for the video.

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5. Tips and Tricks

Most visitors who visit your YouTube channel hope to find quick tips. These tips should be easy to understand and implementable right away

People are always struggling with issues. Perhaps they are unable to boot into their phone or are unable to get a particular video game working.

Your tech channel can be dedicated to these challenges and others. Examples of videos under this niche include:

  • iPhone stuck on boot loop – Easy fix
  • Assassin’s Creed crashes to desktop – Easy fix
  • How to get rid of clutter on desktop – use this tool
  • Increase FPS for Crysis 3 on older graphics cards – Use this trick
  • Use this trick to buy AAA video games for dirt cheap (legally)

These are all challenges that people are perpetually struggling with.

6. Cover a Trade Show or Conference

Business executives are always looking for someone to cover their trade show or exhibition. This is where you come in.

Trade shows are usually focused on trendy topics. Covering them will provide you with a surge in traffic and is helpful for people who are unable to attend.

It would be an awesome experience if you could actually visit some of these conferences. You can be the eyes and ears of many business executives there.

You will need access to the trade show and a cameraman to provide event coverage. Invest in a high-quality microphone to interview business executives as they show off their latest products.

You might receive free passes, or you may have to buy a ticket. In any case, these conferences will improve your knowledge and your social network.

Try to invite various business executives and founders to your YouTube channel for a future video.

7. Busting Tech Myths

There are many myths associated with technology. For example, some people believe that having more RAM will allow them to play graphically intensive games. Or that website development requires coding.

Focusing on these misconceptions and myths can redirect a sizable chunk of traffic your way.

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8. Uncovering Scams

The tech world is riddled with scams and predatory practices. You can start a YouTube channel documenting some of these scams.

For example, there are many fraudulent fundraisers on GoFundMe, Kickstarter, and Indiegogo. Examples of tech scams include Waterseer, Theranos, and Logbar.

Most crowdfunding campaigns make outlandish claims about their products and fail to deliver.

9. Covering Outdated Technology that is No Longer in Use

Jog your viewer’s memory by discussing old technology or businesses that faded away from the limelight.

Explain why they failed, the lessons we can learn from them, and the piece of tech that replaced them.

You can even run a contest to test your audience’s knowledge about old tech pieces. Upload a photo of the technology and ask your viewers if they can describe what they see.

10. Artificial Intelligence

AI is all the rage these days and it’s always trending. People are naturally curious if AI has become advanced enough to achieve sentience.

Your YouTube channel can document various businesses that run AI software. This could be testing the latest AI programs and your opinion.

For example, there are various AI art generators that you can start reviewing. The best of these include DALL-E 2 and Deep Dream Generator.

You can also focus on deep philosophical ideas such as:

  • How AI will impact our everyday lives
  • What do you think the future will look like
  • Will sentient AI make the world a better place?

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11. Programming Languages

This one requires you to be in the know. Start a YouTube channel showing people how to use a certain programming language.

There are endless ideas for programming languages. You can create functional software from scratch using a programming language.

Here are a few programming languages you can take on:

  • PHP
  • Python
  • Rust
  • JavaScript
  • CSS
  • HTML

12. Focus on Startups

Google and Facebook may be multi-billion tech giants of today, but they all started somewhere: as tech incubatees.

You don’t have to live in Silicon Valley to document new startups. There may be a diamond in the rough if you look closely around you.

Most startups would be thrilled to get free coverage from your YouTube channel. Interviewing their ambitious entrepreneurs can also provide you with great ideas for future videos.

You can use the free online tool called to look for startups. Another trick is to watch the tech space on Facebook and Twitter for the latest startups.

You can visit r/starterpacks on to find more failed business ideas. Or look up ‘go fund me scams’ on Google and YouTube for more ideas.

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13. Break Down the Science Behind Phenomenon

Explain complex scientific phenomena in a simple way so that the average person can understand them.

Breakdown videos are usually not easy because they require graphics to demonstrate an idea.

The need for detailed visuals may be a limiting factor for most creators in this genre. But if you can make complex graphics, you might be able to corner this niche.

Kurzgesagt is a popular YouTube channel that breaks down complex scientific ideas into simple explanations.

The combination of voice overs and highly sophisticated graphics made the channel extremely popular with viewers.

14. Dos and Don’ts

Everyone likes solid advice, especially if it comes with a list of do’s and don’ts. This genre can focus on comparisons between various products and services.

You will have to make an effort to think about all the possible pros and cons of a tech product. It can be not easy to do this for new products and services.

However, once you capture an exhaustive list of do’s and don’ts, you will get more visitors to your channel.

15. Product Comparisons

If there’s one thing that modern viewers have too much of its choices. Whether it’s which digital distribution service to shop at, which laptop to buy, or even which app to download, a myriad of options exist.

People like to compare and contrast their options, which makes comparison videos a sought-after piece of content marketing strategy.

The niche does require you to be familiar with your audience’s pain points. You have to approach their problems from their perspective.

Your video can help people understand the problem they are trying to solve and evaluate their options to make purchasing decisions more confidently.

The most difficult part for content creators when making comparisons videos is not understanding how to approach the video.

They don’t know how to structure the video and what to include. Long story short, you should try to be honest and unbiased when making a comparison video.

This topic can cover a range of B2B and B2C tech products. As long as you are honest and transparent with the content, viewers will like your content.

Content Ideas for IT Professionals on YouTube
Content Ideas for IT Professionals on YouTube

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16. Interview Important Thought Leaders in the Tech Space

Video interviews are radically different from written content in magazines and newsletters. This is because your speaker is filmed on camera.

It can be a bit difficult to make interview videos. You have to take care of everything from lighting and content to asking the right questions and making the interview feel comfortable.

If done right, your audience will spend hours each week watching interviews that feature their favorite tech personalities.

The best part about this niche is that not many people are doing it. This can allow you to set yourself apart from the crowd.

Wrapping Up

There are plenty of YouTube channel ideas for IT professionals in California. If you found the above article helpful, please share it with your friends and followers.

Have ideas for YouTube channels? Send in your comments, and we will update this space with more information!

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