YouTube Channel Ideas to Make Money [9 Best Ideas for You]

YouTube was launched in 2005, and its popularity exploded shortly afterwards due to its simplicity and accessibility to people worldwide.

YouTube was the first video-making platform after Vimeo, allowing content creators to share their creativity and video-making skills with the rest of the world.

The first YouTube video was uploaded almost 17 years ago by one of its co-founders Jawed Karim. There are more than 50 million YouTube channels today, and the number is only growing stronger every year.

The recent surge in YouTube’s popularity can also be attributed to the pandemic, as everyone was isolated in their homes and used the video-sharing platform to watch hundreds of videos.

The pandemic also compelled many people to dig their talents and showcase them to the world, all made possible by YouTube’s ease of access.

There is no scarcity of videos on YouTube, but that only indicates immense competition in this area. Several YouTubers have millions of subscribers, like Dude Perfect, PewDiePie, and NikkieTutorials.

Some of the earliest channels on YouTube are still creating appealing content, which means that if you are a new content creator and want to make a breakthrough, you need to create something that is not done before. Something unique, captivating, and enchanting.

Millions of YouTube creators are working full-time and earning six-figure salaries by creating daily and weekly content. Their popularity goes hand-in-hand with their earnings, which is why you need to create a large audience if you want to scale your new or existing YouTube channel.

However, making money should not be the top priority when creating YouTube content. Putting your heart and creativity into each of your videos will attract genuine subscribers who want to watch them as they reflect your style.

First, you need to create a YouTube channel. Then you have the freedom to develop videography, gaming videos, vlogs, comedy skits, fitness routines, educational lectures, makeup tutorials, or anything else. YouTube is your stage, and you are free to showcase your performance however you like.

In this article, we will discuss several channel ideas that you can choose from. Before choosing your YouTube channel niche, decide whether you are willing to include these five qualities in each of your videos.

  • Short and to-the-point videos:

Nobody likes a YouTuber that spends more than half of their videos talking about anything but the topic they attracted the viewer to. You must ensure that your videos are short and strictly related to your video title.

  • Helpful:

Your videos must be helpful to the viewer in one way or another. Your viewer might need help in various forms, for example, through an inspirational speech, a calm and serene background noise, a tutorial for some machine they cannot fix, or to learn a new makeup look.

  • High-definition videos:

YouTube and other video-making platforms are about cinematic photography and high-quality cameras. A shaking camera or low-quality video is a red flag for your YouTube channel, as it gives the impression that you were not serious enough to invest in your channel.

  • Unique brand mark:

Have you noticed how Lilly Singh uses a specific hand gesture at the beginning of her videos to replicate her brand logo? This indicates that a YouTube channel must have a solid brand identity, which requires a good YouTube channel logo.

  • Well-edited videos:

You must cut and join your videos and edit them as much as you can to ensure there are no boring pauses or stumbles included in your video. Doing this will give you a smooth and perfect video that looks well-ordered and disciplined.

Now without further ado, let’s dig into some awesome YouTube channel ideas to make money.

1. Filmmaking and Videography

If you have a knack for digging aesthetic bits and pieces in your everyday adventures and capturing them through your camera lens, you can become an incredible filmmaker on YouTube. Filmmaking is the process of producing motion pictures involving unique angles and complex direction, lighting, and direction.

If you have attended a film school, want to help others learn how to make films, and have a bundle of ideas to share with the world, you can create a filmmaking YouTube channel.

The tutorials can include instructions and tips to edit videos, such as in Adobe Premiere Pro, and involve other filmmakers out there to discuss their careers and techniques involved in their films.

Some of our favorite filmmaking YouTube channels are Film Riot and DSLRguide.

2. Makeup Channels

Every one of us faces different challenges while doing our makeup. Sometimes we are not happy with the way we apply our blush. Sometimes we dislike the shade of our lipstick and wish there was a way to blend the perfect color that matches our dress.

Other times we come across great makeup hacks that make our lives much easier, and we want to share those tips and techniques with the rest of the world.

In that case, you can create a makeup channel on YouTube. Besides the regular makeup tutorials, you can talk about your favorite makeup brands or products.

NikkieTutorials and Michelle Phan are among the most influential and talented makeup artists on YouTube.

3. Educational Videos

The world is full of students and other enthusiasts who want to learn something new daily. Either they need additional study material for their upcoming exam or want to know the answer to a random question that pops inside their head.

Educational videos give you much freedom to create content however you like. You can use tools like Procreate and other animated video software to make videos without showing your face. Or, if you are good at explaining specific topics verbally on screen, you can use a projector or a whiteboard to explain your subject of choice.

The key to creating an engaging educational video is to keep them short and targeted so that your viewers do not lose their concentration or get distracted while you’re explaining the study material.

We recommend looking at Khan Academy videos, TED-Ed, and CrashCourse for killer video ideas.

4. Fitness Channels

COVID has changed the way people used to live their life. Literally. When people were forced to spend time in their houses, it decreased their sedentary lifestyles instead, as most of them resorted to online fitness tutorials since they couldn’t go out to get some activity.

If you are a fitness trainer but cannot find a job that suits you or have a hard time getting one, why don’t you take the help of YouTube? Create a channel, grab a high-quality camera, and go outdoors or in a secluded room and start making fitness videos.

Target different audiences by sharing your knowledge of different workout routines and how they can help people combat a chronic condition with exercise or achieve their summer body goals.

Chloe Ting, The Body Coach TV, and Pamela Reif are doing a great job creating unique and helpful fitness videos for their viewers.

5. Political YouTube Channels

Are you into politics and like to watch news channels all the time? Do you have your own opinions and views that you would like to share with the rest of the world?

If you know how to entertain your friends and neighbors with your satirical political views or if you know the proper techniques for researching hot and trending topics around the world, then you can create a political YouTube channel.

Johnny Harris is a filmmaker and researcher with excellent skills in presenting and illustrating complex information taken from other reliable sources. His presentation of this information is why each of his videos goes viral.

Other YouTubers that create political satire but sometimes biased videos are Secular Talk and Paul Joseph Watson.

6. Basic YouTube Channels

By basic YouTube channels, we mean getting back to the basic concepts. Sometimes all we need is a straightforward tutorial on stitching a broken button on our shirt or making a delicious but easy vanilla cake for the evening tea session.

These types of YouTube channels can be easily made by homemakers and other stay-at-home professionals who want to share their creative skills with the world. Whether you are a pro at sewing fashionable clothes like JENerationDIY or know how to take everyday items from your kitchen and create practical face and hair masks from them like Huda Kattan, YouTube is the best platform to showcase your skills.

Or maybe you know how to bake donuts and the perfect milk bread like Apron. The world needs you to exhibit your talent and create simplified versions of difficult and complex tutorials.

7. Review Channels

We all love to watch movies and TV series. Some of us move on to the next after finishing one show, and others passionately talk about every aspect and every unsolved answer the story possessed.

If you are one of the latter kind, you can start a review channel on YouTube. The possibilities of reviewing things are endless. You can make individual videos about every episode of your favorite show or create a listicle of your favorite mystery movies.

You can buy new technology gadgets, review them, or discuss your favorite makeup and skincare brands. Add your personal touch to every video you create, and review everything the way you would want others to explain it to you.

Jeremy Jahns reviews movies while making his viewers laugh with his excellent sense of humor. ScreenRant is an awesome source to revisit and discover the hidden clues and other mysteries in your favorite movies and TV shows.

8. Traveling Vlog Channel

If you travel a lot and want to share the exotic locations you visit with your friends, family, and the whole world, you can create a traveling YouTube channel. You will only need a good-quality vlog camera and a knack for finding unique angles and beautiful locations where you can shoot attractive videos.

Many people are interested in exploring new places in the world. Still, they cannot afford to do so, so you should create videos that are explanatory enough to provide them with the whole experience of visiting that place on their screens.

Who knows, one day, your channel will grow to such heights that you will use the money earned to see all your dream destinations in the world.

Some of our favorite traveling channels are Lost LeBlanc, and Fearless & Far.

9. Meditation and Relaxing YouTube Channels

Sometimes all we need is a cup of hot coffee and want to watch a relaxing YouTube video to distress and unwind. What is a better meditation technique than this?

There are currently many YouTubers that make daily routine videos, from preparing breakfast for themselves, cleaning their house, watering their plants, and getting ready for bed.

These YouTubers, particularly those in Japan and South Korea, make “silent vlogs,” using their cinematography skills and calming background music to create aesthetic videos of their daily routines, house activities, and pets.

If you believe you have a similar talent for producing a serene video showcasing your daily activities in a way that they are relaxing for others to watch, you can create a meditation or relaxing YouTube channel.

Check out some videos of Honeyjubu and Bayoona for more inspiration.

Now that we have taken care of some unique YouTube channel ideas. Let us briefly look at easy ways to make money as a YouTuber.

  • Step 1: Create a YouTube channel and create content for a specific niche.
  • Step 2: Garner over 1000 subscribers and at least 4000 watch hours of your videos in the past 12 months.
  • Step 3: Set up your AdSense account and link it to your YouTube channel.
  • Step 4: Join the YouTube partner program to earn money through the video ads that appear before, after, or during the length of your videos.
  • Step 5: Create regular and engaging content while staying within the YouTube guidelines.

In Conclusion

YouTube is an excellent but challenging way to make money, even if you defeat the challenges of creating engaging content, getting past your competitors, gaining an interactive audience, and managing regular posting.

Still, money should never be your priority when making content on YouTube, as your skills, dedication, and the passion and love you hold in your heart for your channel will be the main driving force that will scale your YouTube channel.

We hope you found some great YouTube channel ideas from this listicle. Before you go, remember that finding your niche and discovering your target audience is the first and foremost step in your long journey of becoming a YouTube content creator.

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